verbose not booting

  1. TroiKindo

    No port micro restart ( we don't support SMC on this platform) and then restart

    When I click macOS installer after the second restart of the Big Sur installation, i get into this. So i can't finish installing Big Sur. Verbose shows no port micro restart ( we don't support SMC on this platform) , it immediately restarts after this part of the verbose. This image is a...

    HP Pavilion 15 dk0xxx Mojave stuck at verbose

    I'm trying to install macOS Mojave on my recently purchased HP Pavilion 15 Gaming. I have installed hacks in the past as well but this is blewing my mind. There is no such issue evident from verbose screen. But I'm stuck at verbose screen with no response from keyboard. Can anyone please help...
  3. KR13

    HELP: Setting up correct OsxAptioFix for MSI X99A / i7-6800 / GTX1080

    Have been trying different things over 2-3 weeks now and just keep getting the " ++++++++++++++++++++ " when trying to boot in verbose mode. Not sure if it has to do with my config.plist or my OsxAptio options, but either way: it is beyond me, having zero experience doing this before...
  4. hirenoah

    First CustoMac on OS Sierra — Stuck at Apple Loading Bar (Verbose Pic Attached)

    Hi there, Long time follow of Tonymac, first time posting! This is my very first Hackintosh, so I'm still green when it comes to troubleshooting things. I've posted by build in my signature. I'm trying to install OS Sierra on a recommended build for the CustoMac Pro. I'm stuck at the Apple...