verbose mode

  1. T3o

    OpenCore BigSur USB boot stalls out — help interpreting verbose logging?

    Hi everyone, I am writing this announcement about an answer from someone better than me in this field because I am a beginner. OpenCore doesn't start up, I'm trying to install big sur but nothing to do doesn't even want to enter the menu where you choose which boot you want to start ... If...
  2. Skygold58

    a515-51g-37Z4 install problem

    Hi, It's first time form me that using opencore to install Big sur on my laptptop, it's an acer a515-51g-37Z4 and i have used this repo : to create my efi folder i have add smbios (MacBookPro13,3) with GenSMBIOS. When i want to boot in the...

    HP Probook Mojave Boot stuck at ACPI Exception AE_BAD_PARAMETER

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install Mojave on my laptop HP Probook 430 G3 (i7-6500U, HD 520, 16GB RAM). I had followed the Clover guide by RehabMan but stuck at the following error. Please help me fix this!!! Thanks
  4. bmoag

    Catalina booting in verbose mode without -v flag

    After a really and truly dumb self inflicted disaster I restored from a Clone and copied my backup copy of my EFI to the EFI partition of the Catalina boot SSD. Everything works again as it should except that Catalina (10.15.6) always boots in verbose mode. There is not and has never been a -v...

    Opencore Catalina, stuck at BuildActDeviceEntry exit

    I'm transitioning from Clover to Opencore. I thought the process will be simpler but it turns out it isn't. I have created a bootable Catalina USB with Opencore but stuck at this error. I have attached my EFI and the verbose output. Anyone please provide some guidance please?
  6. Erizur

    High Sierra wont boot in normal mode but it boots in verbose mode.

    Hello everybody. After i read about mavericks and why i cannot use my nvidia card on there, i decided to upgrade to high sierra and i got it fully working without graphical or other issues. The only problem is, when i boot high sierra, enabling the nvidia web drivers bootflag and InjectNvidia...
  7. isujay902

    << Solved >> Graphics : Nvidia Geforce GT 1030 | Not Working On Sierra 10.12.6

    Hi Community, I'm facing with huge issue and i can't able to fix it please community help me regarding this. After loading in Clover Bootloader then i go for external drive(bootable flash drive), So there apple logo loads and i get stucked after apple logo it shows stop sign !! Please help Me...
  8. Fred56x56

    Newb question regarding verbose mode and troubleshooting

    Hello clever people of tonymacx86! I have a question that might not be all that smart, but so far I have had very little luck finding an answer for it, so here goes, and sorry in advance in case it doesnt belong here – as the post says: I’m a total newb, but I have tried to look through the...
  9. Campanis

    [Solved] Sierra gets stuck at beginning of boot after working fine. Verbose Attached SOLVED

    I was watching a youtube video and the hackintosh crashed and now gets stuck at the boot screen. I will attach the verbose screen. Any information or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Uthzen

    [Solved] UniBeast Sierra Install Stuck at Apple Logo (GA-Z68XP-UD3)

    my old system ran Yosemite (non-clover) - then I got a new Scandisk Ultra 512 HD because I was running out of space on my Old Yosemite M4 SSD 128GB HD and wanted to upgrade to Sierra. I followed the UniBeast guide on Tonymac to install Sierra. I have uploaded images of verbose mode and added...
  11. Campanis

    [Solved] Can't get to Sierra Installer. OsxAptioFixDriv

    cant get past the apple logo to the installer. Loaded in Verbose Mode got an error pertaining to OsxAptioFixDriv So I installed that driver with Clover Configurator. Then relaunched and got a different error that is pictured below. This is where I am stuck Any help is greatly appreciated
  12. Charlespick

    Recovery Mode inaccessible

    I did a normal install of MacOS 10.12.6 using MultiBeast. I ended up with a recovery partition in Clover like normal but I don't seem to be able to use it. Using the hardware to the left. Verbose mode output: Even if you have no idea what's going wrong, could someone please inform me if this...
  13. Trujillomedia

    Sierra will not boot up after install

    Hows it going everyone I'm trying to make my first hackintosh and I'm not sure why I can't get to the install screen. Any help will be appreciated
  14. hirenoah

    First CustoMac on OS Sierra — Stuck at Apple Loading Bar (Verbose Pic Attached)

    Hi there, Long time follow of Tonymac, first time posting! This is my very first Hackintosh, so I'm still green when it comes to troubleshooting things. I've posted by build in my signature. I'm trying to install OS Sierra on a recommended build for the CustoMac Pro. I'm stuck at the Apple...
  15. ReMiii40

    R9 290X with MacOS Sierra

    Hello guy, I have a Gigabyte R9 290X, and I have a black screen when I want boot for the first time on my HDD. I don't have iGPU (i7 920 1366 with Intel x58 so no Intel graphic card). How can boot ? Which options I must change in Clover ? Edit : The first boot work only with Inject ATI, fb...
  16. AndrewJames

    [SOLVED] El Capitan Install Help Please? :(

    So this is my first time doing anything like this (basically, I have no clue what I'm doing), so really any help or input would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. I've checked the "Big List of Solutions for El Capitan Install Problems" post and I can't seem to find what I need, so as the...
  17. pedrominz

    Yosemite only booting in verbose mode

    I have the customac pro build and I am getting this crash message but if I boot in verbose mode it is fine. Any thoughts?
  18. Magdog321

    Kernel panic at boot after mountain lion Install

    Hey. Earlier I upgraded my Hackintosh from OSX Lion 10.7.3 to OSX Mountain Lion using the unibeast 1.5 guide on here. Everything went ok during the install process until I had to reboot. After rebooting I always get a kernel panic at the white apple screenand cannot get my mac beyond this point...
  19. rejooh

    System Start up Problem

    I used the "UniBeast: Install Mac OS X Lion Using an All-In-One Bootable USB Drive" to install OSX Lion on my Desktop Computer. The Installation worked fine, besides the fact that the Installation only booted in Verbose Mode ("-v" as Parameter and the Installation booted correctly). But when I'm...