1. rikokp

    Unable to update from 13.1

    Hello! I have been running Ventura 13.1 for a while now with no problems, and finally I decided to update. At first I thought it would be a good idea to update straight into Sonoma, however that failed so I thought maybe I will update to 13.6.1 first and see how that goes. That did not happen...
  2. matzoh

    Ventura - USB inserts SSD and restart automatically

    Everything is normal, but when I inserted a mobile hard disk box, the computer will automatically restart automatically. type-c and usb2.0 and usb3.0 are the same. There is a log on the Mac console, "fsck_apfs_error", But there is no effective information. I don't know if there is a...
  3. KaoZ

    Samsung 990 Pro

    Hi there, i tried to search everywhere to find out if i could have some trouble using this SSD 990 pro for my hackintosh, but couldn't find anything about this specific samsung ssd... My Hackintosh specs: ASUS Tuf Gaming Z690-Plus Wifi I7-12700KF RX 4070 (first gpu) RX 580 (second gpu) 32 GB...
  4. wofliexx

    Error please go to https panic apple com to report this panic

    My EFI File ( Github Link ) I followed all the Setps from the Dortina Guide but when booting up I am getting this error "Error please go to https panic apple com to report this panic" , I am tryinig to install ventura on my Asus Vivobook S15. Here are my System Info. RAM: Two Slot (8 GB + 8GB)...
  5. jzrodriguez98

    << Solved >> VDA Decoder Failure- Empty / headless framebuffer ID for Intel UHD 630 in a i9-10900k processor

    In the Hackintool System tab, I see that the vda decoder failed. I did the vda decoder check in terminal that is suggested in dortania and I got a 12473 error. I was wondering if someone else with a similar configuration has seen the same message for the vda decoder. My mobo is MSI z590-A Pro...
  6. max3.2

    Issues with Thunderbolt Dock - Ventura

    Hi, I have just set up my Hack on newest Ventura and OC 0.9.5 and by all means its working fairly good. I have attached my EFI but for the sake of the problem at hand you can always also refer to this git [1] where I took most of the ideas. This is tried and tested from what I read. I have also...
  7. VMoradian

    Ventura / Windows 11 dual boot freeze

    I have a dual boot Ventura 13.4.1 and Windows 11 hackintosh. Each operating system is on a separate ssd. After I've been working in Windows, when I reboot into Ventura, my computer usually freezes the first time with the following error (please see screenshot). A reboot usually takes care of...
  8. VenturaLenovo

    Lenovo 3-15IMH05 Laptop - Type 81Y4 Ventura Installation

    I followed the Dortania Opencore Instal Guide but I can't get it to work. Have restarted the proces multiple times but it just won' work. Here I am trying to boot MacOS Ventura on a I7-10750H Comet lake trying to emulate a MacBookPro16. It's a problem with GPIO and XOSI and something with...
  9. Trojekkkk

    Error 0xe0030004 Please Help

    Hi. I installed macOS Monterey on my PC. I wanted to update to Ventura, but when I try to update and when I after an hour of installation select macOS Installer from OC, it keeps showing the Error 0xe0030004. Can someone help? I am using OC 0.9.5, and all my kexts are the latest versions.
  10. Detectivepundit

    USB Keyboard stops working after the system starts on Ventura

    Hello good people, Hope you are doing really well. I have Ventura 13.2 installed. did the USB mapping in Windows with USBToolBox. After the system starts usb keyboard stops working and needs to re-plug to make that working. Mouse works without any issues. Any fix to that issue? please Thanks...
  11. rbmanian75

    Bluetooth stuttering issue

    Hi, I have installed Ventura 13.6 in ProArt Z790 and kept the hack under the table and the bluetooth antenna is on the table. When i connect headphones to the bluetooth the audio is intermittent and stuttering. Is there any way we can fix this? In windows 11 i dont have this problem. In the...
  12. thatguy28

    Couldn't alloc class 'AppleKeyStoreTest' - Comet Lake laptop

    Main issue : Trying to install Ventura. Getting this error whenever I try to open the MacOS installer from the OpenCore boot menu. I have disabled the gpu in bootargs using -wegnoegpu, only enabling iGPU.Please, any help would be appreciated. Hardware : CPU : Intel i5-10210U Motherboard ...
  13. thatguy28

    OpenCore boot stuck on OCSMC: SmcReadValue Key 4D534163 Size 2

    Getting this issue installing on my Sandy Bridge system, using iMac18,1 configuration. I've seen numerous posts of people successfully installing Ventura on Sandy Bridge CPUs, had other issues that were solved by adding CryptexFixup and CtlnaAHCIport kexts, but now stuck here Hardware: CPU...
  14. maicol072001

    Stuck on "Forcing CS_RUNTIME for entitlement:"

    Hi, I've built a USB with OpenCore but when I boot EFI (external) from OpenCore it gets stuck at the "Forcing CS_RUNTIME for entitlement:" line in the screenshot for more than 2 hours. Do you have any clues? Thanks config.plist attached Hardware...
  15. zyto

    Need help with X1 Yoga Gen 3 Ventura Hackintosh

    I just finished a mostly successful Ventura 13.5.2 install on a ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 3, this is my first install that's in any way successful but it does have some things that don't exactly function. What currently works is: iGPU acceleration WiFi and Bluetooth Audio (w/mic) Keyboard...
  16. farisrf

    Bootloop when I want to install Ventura

    I get a bootloop when I want to install venture, my opencore version is 0.9.4. And I will include the last LOG that I got. Mother board : H110M-DS2-CF CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 iGPU: Intel HD 530
  17. zamah

    MacOs Ventura on AMD chipset

    Hey guys ! This is my very first attempt of installing hackintosh I've been going through many errors, but now I feel I'm close to the end (for booting at least). I followed dortania's guide, but now I'm having 2 weird errors: kernelmanagerd not active Operation already in progress My...
  18. farisrf

    Stuck on Apple Logo with progress bar.

    Hello, I'm sorry I experienced problems when booting into the Ventura installer, stuck on the Apple logo with the progress bar stuck too. I don't know what else to do. I will include the EFI that I use. Laptop Asus TUF FX506IU CPU :AMD Ryzen 7 4800H VGA : Radeon Vega 7 GTX 1660TI Network ...
  19. zulusanti15


    Hello everyone, I have a dual boot of Windows 11 along with MacOS Ventura on the same hard drive, (previously I used Mojave) but I decided to update and the truth is I'm lucky, in Mojave I used Clover. The problem is the following: 1)when I used CLOVER. with mojave and with the easyUEFI program...
  20. r1fght

    Fenvi FV-A436CD Wi-Fi/Bluetooth issues Ventura

    Hello! I want to thank all the participants of this forum. Thanks to you, I solved a lot of issues by reading the threads! I'm faced with the Fenvi network card problem for several months, tried to find a solution on the Internet, but to no avail. I built a Hackintosh in 2022. Ordered a Fenvi...