1. DjMike238

    KP on Sony VAIO Fit 15E

    After updating to the latest macOS 10.14.6, and after updating Clover and some other kexts, I've been unable to boot back into macOS. I think the issue might be in my config.plist, since I tried using this one from RehabMan's repo and I managed to boot my system just fine, even with not...
  2. jorge.bascu

    Sony VAIO SVE1513M1EW Compatibility

    Hi guys. I've a Sony Vaio laptop (a SVE1513M1EW) with an intel i5 3230M and an integrated graphics card intel HD4000. I wanna try to install Catalina OS, but I don't know if my hardware is compatible for do it. Can anyone help me with my doubts? Thanks in advance.
  3. AlexxDoesTech

    Can i install Mavericks on my Vaio laptop?

    Hello! I have a Sony Vaio VPC-CA3S1E and im wondering if its able to run hackintosh mavericks. I tried to install but all i got was a black screen on boot, any help would be appreciated :)
  4. kia

    failed getting NVRAM installing high sierra [help]

    Hi, I created a High Sierra install USB (gpt, legacy) using clover and its been a few days i'm attempting to install MacOS on Laptop I boot and enter clover then i press booting install high sierra installation and then it stops at loading installer after writing these lines...
  5. Jimmy223001

    sony pcv-a1112m

    So I have been given a sony pcv-a1112m which is a fairly old touchscreen PC , it’ll be ideal to Hackintosh just for music DJ decks (only Mac compatible) The big question is can this be done , I’m very capable of the unibeast Install but F2 bios is very basic and you cannot config anything ...
  6. Tho

    << Solved >> Can't make sure that the VGA port working on Laptop (Hackintosh)

    I can't make sure that the VGA port working on my Laptop (Hackintosh) because when I installed Windows my home's VGA cable doesn't working and now I've installed macOS Mojave and inject NVIDIA and it said Sony GeForce.
  7. ccano2011

    Breaking my head on installing High Sierra on Sony Vaio VPCF11

    I'm having a hell of a time trying to get this installation going... I'm seeing that people on this forum has had success with installing Sierra. After following the official installation guide on the forum, I can't get the installer to boot at all without it returning the following: Is this...
  8. Joongi

    Clover only shows plus signs then reboots

    I have a Sony Microvault 32GB USB 3.0 flash drive that has Clover on it, and I made the usb using my friend's mac. I tried booting this usb on my laptop, and I have set nvidia graphics and verbose mode on options. When I tried to start it up, it said OsxAptioFixDrv: Starting overrides for...
  9. pal_kubo

    [solved] ALC233 on Sierra need help, I failed.

    Hy guys, I need help I read this forum for a while, and helped a lot. But I stucked on sound card. It worked with Yosemite. I tried HDAPatcher, tried a lot kexts and dsdt modifications but no luck. Im not a programmer, or a developer only a guy from Hungary who use studio apps on Vaio and love...
  10. arshavin69ru

    Display freeze when using night shift, or changing resolution Sony Vaio

    I have Sony Vaio vpceh25en, with Nvidia 410m, earlier I had El Capitan which ran smoothly, but ever since Sierra, I had problems like shutdown and reboot never worked on Sierra and High Sierra without nv_disable=1 flag, until the latest update of 10.13.5 when these issues were somehow fixed...
  11. funkyfrank

    Success Sierra MacOSX 10.12.6 on Sony VAIO F11

    Hi, here are the recent clover config files for macOS Sierra 10.12.6 including recent security updates using a Sony VAIO F11 notebook (with config Core i7, nVidia GT330m). Everything works except internal LAN (it will never work due special hybrid firmware, which requires a special driver...
  12. CesarV

    Fixing my Vaio Fit 15E. (Can't get my Intel HD Graphics 4400 to work properly.)

    I have a few days trying to get my Vaio Fit 15E to work with Mac Sierra. This is my first Hackintosh. My laptop specifications are as shown in my profile. At this time, I have 10.12.3 and I boot with multi-beast. My problem can be resume to this: I want this computer to run Final Cut, when I...
  13. KoNdar

    Sony Vaio VPCEH2M1R - The battery does not work by the method RehabMan

    Hi My name is Vova please help me settings battery for laptop.. Device battery name: VGP-BPS26 Installed version of the system OS X 10.12.5 Thank you dear friend that did not pass by Here is a system dump, laptop data, a clover data.... in file check..
  14. FMAranda

    Vaio Fit 15E - No screen backlight after wake

    Hi everyone! I have a Sony Vaio Fit15E running macOS 10.12.5 with almost everything working. The only problem is that, when it wakes up from sleep (hibernatemode 3), the screen's backlight doesn't light up. In order to make it work, I have to close and open the lid one more time. After that...
  15. kracken

    Strange problem with WiFi en0 Sony Vaio

    Strange problem with WiFi en0 Sony Vaio I have Sony Vaio VPCEB3S1E and full working video card HD5650 (EDID inject) and WIFI. My problem is no en0 builtin checked. If inject string in Clover Config >> Devices. My video card show 3mb. After remove inject string, the video card get back 1024mb...
  16. medkintos

    Vaio Fit 13A, Graphics and USB related bugs after sleep

    I have a problem with my build, it's a Sony Vaio Fit 13A with i5-4200U and HD4400, so here's some problem that i face: Lid sleep not working, trying to patch with some patches on Laptop DSDT Patch and installing ACPIPoller didn't help. And those PNLF patch didn't work too, but for brightness...
  17. pink.bird

    [Guide] Sony VAIO FIT 15E | macOS High Sierra 10.13

  18. mepicaelrabo

    OSX Sierra on Sony VAIO svf1521w1eb

    I'm tired to try one and another confg to make this work. Many people write about using this or that, others tell is better to use another thing completely different and... I don't know what else to do, so I ask if someone could guide me in the correct way I will really appreciate it. Specs...
  19. ivipul

    Sierra on i3-2330(Sandy Bridge) with Nvidia 410m - Black Screen (Vaio-VPCEH25EN)

    need to resolve sierra blank screen on my laptop Details Are as follows -- 1. Yosemite works well with chemeleon boot loader , Nvidia web driver, no black screen. 2. Sierra install with clover-Legacy--> nv_disable=1-- Boot OK -low resolution...
  20. brandon0622

    OS X Yosemite stuck ApplePS2Controller: newCommandByte=47

    Hi, I need help, when I try to install OS X Yosemite on my laptop with Unibeast 5.2.0, it gets stuck in "ApplePS2Controller: newCommandByte = 47", I only use the boot flag nv_disable = 1, I'm really noob and I do not know what causes the problem, If someone helps me, these are the...