1. ajcoupe5

    [Guide] ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501JW Mojave 10.14 Upgrade from High Sierra 10.13.6

    Are you saying the kext should be in L/E for Mojave to work on Asus Laptop?
  2. moharram82

    [Guide] ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501JW High Sierra 10.13.5 using Clover UEFI

    Acknowledgment Before I start I want to take the chance and thank everyone who wrote a guide that I’ve read or crossed by, although I don’t remember how many but they are a lot to remember now, but of course I can’t forget about @RehabMan the godfather of all hackintoshers without him and his...
  3. wez733

    ALC668 only works after a hard restart

    I have installed MacOS Sierra 10.12.4 on my Asus UX501JW. I'm using Clover 4035 as bootloader. Everything works fine except that it only has sound after a hard restart, which means, to normally boot into MacOS and then force shutdown. Both the internal speaker and the headphone only work after...
  4. kockaspiton

    ASUS ZenBook Pro UX501JW - UHD, Intel GPU woes, graphical glitches persisted on power-off and visibl

    I read the FAQ, Laptop clover guide, HD4200/HD4400/HD4600/HD5600 on 10.11+, and several other UHD laptop topics. This Yosemite topic http://www.tonymacx86.com/laptop-compatibility/169192-asus-zenbook-ux501jw-fi218h-installation-clover-help.html is the closest to my case, but it also has the same...