1. iosxuser

    Asus UX21E - Intel HD 3000 problem

    Hey, I have problem with run QE/CI on my UX21E - i3-2367m. When I use Clover config.plist from RehabMan to 1366x768 px GUI not running. GUI running only when I write random number in fake-ID but not with QE/CI. Mabe HD3000 need extra kexts to run, on this laptop ? Sorry, my English is bad...
  2. cgmidget

    Asus 21UXe and Mountain Lion?

    I have an Asus UX 21e that I am trying to install ML on. I am a totally clueless noob who has always used macs. I have managed to get as far as the bluetooth complete part and then it freezes. I have seen other posts about this bluetooth hangup and have tried the GraphicsEnabler=No flag as well...