1. vlgngrbrdmn

    [SOLVED] Install USB Creation Issue

    Hello all, I recently updated my MacBook to High Sierra. I then, after some trial and error trying to update my Sierra installation on my Hackintosh to High Sierra, completed reformatted the drive on my Hackintosh along with my Sierra installation USB. That being said, I decided to try to...
  2. crazyboy24

    [Guide] Solving Media Kit reports not enough space on device for requested operation error!

    Hello, This is a guide which I decided to make after solving the problem "Media Kit reports not enough space on device for requested operation" on my laptop. Problem: Try to format a partition for installing Mac on your laptop, but it reports the above problem. Tried Deleting the partition...
  3. orm1982

    Trouble formating 3TB Harddrive - Logical Volume Group

    I have just created a Hackintosh computer. I have a 3TB secondary hard drive which disk utility will not let me format. I have no internal disk drive to run my old snow leopard install disk in order to run the old disk utility to reformat the 3TB hard drive. Does anyone know a work around for...
  4. TheSneak

    New Hackintosh- Backup software?

    gigabyte z97x UD7 TH Intel 4770k i7 EVGA GTX760SC crucial ballistix 16GB ram (2x8GB) 2x Samsung 500GB SSD's 2TB WD Black drive Hey guys! I recently bought a new machine and was able to get it up and running with Mavericks. This is my first Hackintosh and I have been very pleased with the...
  5. miloshcavitch

    network preferences crashes when booted from harddrive, internet only connects when booted from 10.8

    Hey, i've been having this problem for a little bit but only now have been able to get around to fixing it. It started when i was running 10.7 on a gigabyte z68x ud3h board. Just bought the gtx 660 and I have been getting ready to put it in by fixing this other problem first. I upgraded to...