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  1. Samuel100

    Want a Decent Gaming Build?

    Hey, I just worked my ss of on my job and have got enough money save up that I wanna build my own gaming PC. So the main thing I want is I am not a tech guy, I have seen a couple of videos where people have to manually do the cooling and stuff at home for the GPU. I JUST WANT TO BUILD A PC that...
  2. beastbuilder3

    beastbuilder3’s hackinWorth2 GA-H170, i3-6100, GT 710, Aegis 32GB DDR4

    beastbuilder3's hackinWorth2 Build: GA-H170, i3-6100, GT 710 Components GA-H170-Gaming 3 (rev. 1.1) Motherboard G.SKILL Aegis 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 DRAM 2400MHz C15 Memory Kit (F4-2400C15D-32GIS)...
  3. Xaphas

    Compatibility of my little system here

    Cheers, mates! Brand new to the scene. I study Audio Engineering and strive to be a soundtrack composer. My 2012 MacBook Pro has been letting me down after only 35 tracks in Logic Pro X. So due to the fact that I am a student at university, everyone may guess that I do not have the money to...
  4. MAU9550

    [SUCCESS] H97M-D3H + i5 4690 + GTX760 - OSX 10.11

    HARDWARE CPU: Intel i5 Haswell 4690 @3.9GHZ Memory: 8GB (2x4) Kingston 1333mhz GPU: Gigabyte GTX760 Windforce 2GB PSU: Corsair TX 750W SSD Corsair LS 120GB + HDD 1TB System: Mac OSX 10.11.6 El Capitan Network: D-Link DWA-131 USB Wi-Fi Adapter Rev B1 (wired is not an option now, working on it)...
  5. Draven

    [SUCCESS] Draven's First Hackintosh: i5-3570K | Asus M5E | HD4000 | Mountain Lion 10.8.3

    [SUCCESS] Draven's CodeMachine: i5-3570K | Asus M5E | HD4000 & GTX 760 | Mountain Lion 10.8.3 Draven's CodeMachine: i5-3570K | Asus M5E | HD4000 & GTX 760 | Mavericks 10.9.2 Components - Already Owned Intel Core i5-3570K Processor - Newegg Asus Maximus 5 Extreme - Newegg Corsair...
  6. SilverCloak

    Optimizing gaming/video editing build

    Hey Guys, I had several questions, first off I will state that I am new to both this site and hackintoshs in general. I am looking to retire my "old iMac" from 2007 (Processor: 2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Memory: 2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM, Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT 128 MB). I am looking to...