1. vinnya

    Blocked By Current Security Policy

    Hey all, New to TonyMacx, just bought a Lenovo 14' Ideapad, looking to turn it into a Hackintosh. I have a friend whose built tons of Hackintoshes and he gave me his USB installer for Sierra. For some reason I can't get passed the security policy, tried a bunch of different options in the BIOS...
  2. andrewleonard1693

    USB port deactivated after wake from sleep - High Sierra

    So everything on my build basically works perfectly. Just fixed a couple issues but this one is bugging me now and since I'm a beginner I'm not sure whats needed to fix it. Basically, the machine sleeps normally but every so often upon wake, my wired mouse is unresponsive. I know its receiving...
  3. d4vinder

    [SUCCESS] HP Z600 High Sierra Installation Guide

    EDIT: See post below for a fully detailed installation guide of High Sierra on a Z600.
  4. WillBerner

    [Solved] How long does a High Sierra installation from USB take (~)?

    I recently used Clover to successfully copy all the install materials needed to my 16GB USB flash drive. My Hackintosh build hardware recognized the installation material and installation is occurring now. At least I think it's occurring now. I have yet to have seen a single pixel (on my 4K) of...
  5. WillBerner

    UniBeast Activated 32GB USB Won't Boot Up Hackintosh

    Hello! I recently decided to try to replace my family's unbearably slow 2011 iMac with a Hackintosh built from my old custom PC. I successfully followed the very clear and informative instructions here and was apparently able to get a version of Mac OS X High Sierra on to my flash drive...
  6. PietrobonAndrea

    USB port don't shutdown High Sierra

    Hi I have a problem with my hackintosh and high sierra. When i shutdown it the usb port and wifi/bluetooth card (fenvi) don't shutdown. i have try with fix shutdown and i have enabled erp on my mobo. On mac os Sierra this work well but now with high sierra i have this problem. what i have to do...
  7. lukenfzw

    Sleep Issues (USB)

    Hey there guys, So I'm having a common issue with sleep. It's when the computer sleeps and the fans and lights go off, and then comes back on within a second from doing that, and just continues looping that behavior. I've read that the most basic and common solution to this problem is to...
  8. Bibin

    Need A help in Buying Graphics card

    Hi Guys, I need to buy a graphics card for my pc any suggestions?? Right now I have Zotac Nvidia GTX 660 Synergy edition which is outdated so planning to upgrade it and I want one that supports high sierra. Regards Bibin
  9. albertparedandan

    [solved] Android USB Tethering

    Hey guys, i just installed macOS Sierra on my laptop and i was wondering if any of you have tried using USB tethering with an Android phone to use it as a wifi adapter. Im using a OnePlus 5.
  10. malm123

    Any PCIE USB card/s that works with OSX10.13 AND Win10?

    Hi folks! So I have tried 3 different PCIE USB cards in my hackintosh and NONE have worked so far. My motherboard is the Asus Z370-E. all other USB ports work on OS10.13 and win10 including my external hub and the front panel USB. Also, I have heard of the 15 port USB limit on hackintosh but for...
  11. IsaacBerglind

    USB Not Working After High Sierra Install

    Hi guys, I've installed High Sierra on the following build: Motherboard: Asus Q170m-c Processor: Intel i5 6500 RAM: 8 gb Kingston ValueRAM DDR4 2133mhz, two 4gb sticks Graphics Card: Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 ti Power Supply: EVGA 500w 80 plus Storage: Samsung 850 EVO SSD, 500gb After booting...
  12. Astoli

    El Capitan USB not working

    Hello everyone ... I am a Mavericks owner on an old PC and now tired of the Mavericks graphics I decided to move to El Capitan. I can not go to Sierra because the CPU does not have SSE4.1. Once installed El Capitan on a partition of the hard disk I am going to start it through Clover and once...
  13. gandalf2003

    [Solved] i7 3770k Z77X-UD5H Sierra USB issues

    Hi guys, I moved from Yosemite to Sierra a week ago following this thread advices : Everything seemed to be Ok until today. I discovered that USB ports are not fully functionnal. I...
  14. Verdlin

    [Solved] High Sierra: No option in Network for Apple USB Ethernet

    I have a working High Sierra installation. Everything works great except for internet. I am using Apple USB Ethernet Adapter, but it's not detected in the Network settings. I used to have Sierra on this machine (and I've made no hardware changes whatsoever) I was able to plug and play the USB...
  15. cowcowpod

    [Help] USB devices, Bluetooth, WiFi stop working after sleep

    Hi! My setup (ASUS ux360cak, MacOS 10.12.6) works almost perfectly, except for that sometimes after sleep, USB all USB devices, WiFi, and Bluetooth stop working. Usually, Bluetooth is the first to go - a squiggly line through it. After an additional sleep, WiFi goes. And sometimes, almost at...
  16. mezka

    Issue with USB in Sierra

    Hey guys, im working on sierra now, after a hackintoshi on my gigabyte GA B85M D3PH, but sometimes my usb devices turns off and on again, and when they started, they dont work, especially my deatheadder and my usb keyboard, and then i need to reboot the computer to works again, so any of you...
  17. oli.mathieu

    RAID 5 Case USB 10Gb/s

    Hello I'm looking for a RAID 5 case with a USB 3.1 gen 2 Connector (USB A/USB C) I found this : It only has 4 drives !! I need More Any advice would be much appreciated Good day
  18. cubedweller

    Strange USB/Sleep Issues

    My stats: Newest Clover, 10.13.3, GA-Z97X-UD3H, i7 4790K, GTX 960, TP-LINK T9E. I have the usual list of kexts installed in C/K/O/: AppleALC, lilu, FakeSMC, FakePCIID, FakePCIID, FakePCIID_XHCIMux, USBInjectAll, NvidiaGraphicsFixup. In S/L/E I have CodecCommander. I have the port limit increase...
  19. Adamir94


    The problem: After several seconds of audio playback (Safari and youtube or iTunes) the sound starts popping and cracking and eventually stops working. In dmesg I see lots of messages like this: <code>+ IOAudioEngineUserClient[<ptr>]::performWatchdogOutput(<ptr>, 41927) - (51e,3dcc) -...
  20. timetrapped

    High Sierra UniBeast USB install stuck on Apple logo

    I'm trying to upgrade my existing OSX install to High Sierra. I created the USB stick using the UniBeast guide and can click the Installer in the version of Clover on the USB stick (Step 4, #4), but I get stuck on this screen: I've tried leaving it for up to half an hour, but there has been...