1. ahmednabilkha

    Dell Inspiron N5110 USB + Bluetooth

    Hi Guys, My laptop is Dell Inspiron N5110 6-series i7 2670QM and Intel HD 3000 with macOS Sierra 10.12.6 installed. I have bluetooth, DELL 1702 (Atheros AR9285, AR5B195+AR3011), working via Rehabman's IOath3kfrmwr.kext, but sometimes i get random freezes and after restart it gives me "Bluetooth...
  2. Xpose

    Please Help: Keyboard stops working randomly Mojave

    Hi all, first of all this problem is driving me nuts. I can't get over it and honestly is very annoing. The keyboard is not working properly. Randomly when I type a text fields, for instance the spacebar, the keyboard start typing like : "\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\..." without any end. KB...
  3. kokozedman

    USB Mouse: Frequent random USB reset (Catalina only)

    Hi, Since my upgrade to Catalina a few weeks ago, my perfectly working USB mouse started to have a weird random freeze. Later, I have realized there was actually an on-going problem with IOUserUSBHostHIDDevice. The mouse works without problem in Mojave, Windows and Linux. Here is the log of...
  4. Dj123

    Solved > GenericUSBXHCI Problem !

    I try to boot 10.15.2 Please I need help
  5. douira

    Port Limit removal patch isn't working

    So I have USBInjectAll installed and the latest port limit removal patch for macOS Catalina. Hackintool displays that the kext is installed. However, I can only see 15 USB Ports in the USB section of Hackintool. I can only see the same 15 Ports in IORegistryExplorer. The ports I can see range...
  6. gbzygil

    (BrcmPatchRAM3) BrcmPatchRAM: uploadFirmware could not open the device!

    Can someone plz help me with this error in Catalina? I'm trying to get a usb bluetooth dongle to work without any luck... Below is is the error: gbc@Gils-iMac ~ % log show --last boot | grep -i 'brcm' 2020-01-25 03:20:51.840635-0600 0x470 Default 0x0 0 0...
  7. mdragacevic

    Mac USB Bus Not Recognizing External Drives

    Basically, I have a MacBook Early 12" 2015 (A1534) with no USB Inputs, only a USB-C input for power or USB-C to USB adapter. The weird thing is: Having the USB-C to USB adapter, my Macbook is recognizing USB sticks but NOT recognizing things like my iPhone, Pioneer Mixer, External Mouse - only...
  8. wheele6

    Choosing the right kexts

    Build: MB: Gigabyte Z390 Designare Processor: Intel Core i9-9900k SSD: Samsung V-NAND Pro NVMe RAM M.2 (1TB) RAM: 2x 16GB Kingston Hyper X Predator (3000 MHZ) Purpose: The build is to run the Ableton Music Production Suite (Live Suite 10) for recording and producing. Question: I read through...
  9. denkteich

    Missing USB Ports after update to 10.14.6

    Hi all, after I upgraded to 10.14.6 the number of usable USB ports decreased. USBInjectAll is loaded. Any suggestions on how to get all ports working again? cheers .d
  10. AGluk

    macOS Catalina + USB DAC = sound breaks/gaps

    Dear all! I need help with operation external USB DAC (FiiO K3 in my case), I've faced after update to Catalina. During playing any audio - sometimes gaps occur. About 100-300 ms there are no sounds at all. Such gaps are occurred once per minute, sometimes less frequent. I've noticed that on...
  11. oolmfoo

    UniBeast 8.3.1 Cannot create bootable USB drive

    Hi! Making the USB installer with Unibeast 8.3.1 hangs after copying files when it's installing the bootloader. I have investigated the log and found out it said that the partition scheme of the destination disk is not correct. I have erased my whole USB several times with both GPT and MBP...
  12. karar.hussain

    USB Not Working After creating Bootable For Hackintosh

    Hi, I tried to create a Bootable USB installer for Hackintosh but I didn't succeed but now the USB isn't working and that is not only one, but about 5 of those flash drives are also like this. It neither can't be formatted in Windows nor deleted or anything. It also doesn't work on macOS...
  13. johnyg07

    Hp Spectre - Do I need USBInjectAll and/or port limit patch if laptop only has 3 USB ports and 1 of them is thunderbolt

    Do I need USBInjectAll and/or port limit patch if laptop only has 3 external USB ports (1 USB type A, 2 USB type C) and 1 of them is thunderbolt. 2 internal ports are used by webcam and wifi. 3 external ports means 6 total ports (usb2/3). Currently I don't have either USBInjectAll or any port...
  14. velopitex

    Using MIDI crashed USB ports.

    Hello Team, Before I start, sorry if I write hard, English is not my first language. Hackintosh is used to work with sound. Everything was fine before I bought the MIDI controller ROLI Lightpad Block M. When I tried to update the firmware of the MIDI controller through the native utility, the...
  15. dudeiale

    Solved > Error in ports 3.0 on TOSHIBA SATELLITE ASP-4206FL notebook

    Good morning the reason for the following is that I have a 3.0 speed port and when connecting a 3.0 device it does not recognize me and I get this message "a USB accessory needs power" I have already tried to change the USBInjectAll.kext for previous ones, modify the ioRegistryExplorer and...
  16. redbearaz

    MultiBeast looping reboot

    After a successful install of Mojave, I ran MultiBeast to install the boot loader to the hard drive. After I restarted the computer it was looping the clover boot loader over and over. On MultiBeast I used 1. Quick start - UEFI Boot Mode 2. Audio - AppleALC 3. Disk - 3rd party SATA 4. Network -...
  17. redbearaz

    Mojave Installed........sort of

    I was able to get Mojave installed(I verified the hard drive) but I need the the USB to boot into it. Will running MultiBeast fix the issue? Or can it be done thru the Terminal? I really don't wanna reinstall again but can if I really need to. Also under MultiBeast SMBIOS iMac 17.1 is listed...
  18. s6884

    Broke the USB of a working 10.13, Migration Assistant copies the problem over fresh install

    Mysterious title, let me clarify: I had a decently working install of High Sierra, while I was trying to figure out how to get Ethernet to work via Multibeast I decided to try some new USB options to see if they could address my problematic USB 3.0 ports. Horrible idea, as this blocked all USB...
  19. ZdzislawPomata

    Solved > Mojave 10.14.6 USB 2.0/3.0/3.1 fix

    Hi Guys, In case you wonder how to fix USB and have 100% it working at full speed of USB 2.0/3.0/3.1. Here are kernel and kext patches to be set in Clover Configurator at KextsToPatch tab: Name Find HEX Replace HEX Comment 83FB0F0F 83FB3F0F USB Port Limit...
  20. Pandorica

    High Sierra Clover USB Not Booting on Windows 10?

    Hello all, TL;DR - High Sierra 8700K Hackintosh - Dual boot Win 10 High Sierra (separate boot SSDs) - UniBeast USB recognized in BIOS but when selected for boot override, does not boot from USB to Clover; instead bypasses and boots to Win 10. Issue Working to install High Sierra on a spare...