1. fred7847

    Apple Bluetooth/WIFI. Bluetooth missing on HS, Coffee Lake, Z370-p

    Hi, After finishing my first Hackintosh I still try to get my bluetooth working. I bought these:
  2. starcentral

    USB 3.0 speeds possible?

    Hi hackintoshers! I did a build with El Capitan over a year ago on my listed hardware and it's been running great!! But last week I decided to do a Sierra build from scratch (Build:
  3. kgp

    XHC USB Kext Creation Guideline

    Using XHCI, there are no predefined SMBIOS XHCI identities (like iMac17,1 or iMacPro1,1) in Apple's AppleUSBXHCIPCI.kext, thus without any working USB port limit patch, USB3.0 devices usually will not work in most of the USB3.0 ports, as most of the SS-ports will not be implemented (SS-ports...
  4. delicious

    NVIDIA 1080 4K display Black screen on wake from Sleep (iMac 17,1)

    EDIT: I no longer have the black screen problem, only the unresponsive keyboard. Hi, I'm using a brand new Asus Z170 pro gaming Wifi, i7 6700K and NVIDIA GTX 1080 with iMac 17,1 definition. I use it with an LG 4K monitor over Displayport. I can sleep no problem but on wake I see a backlit...
  5. RyanKluff

    USB Mouse/Keyboard Turn On Computer

    Hey guys, I just built my first ever computer and got everything to work including installing High Sierra, except for my computer to stay fully shut down. I can turn the Computer on and off, but when I turn the computer off, I can click the mouse or a key on the keyboard and the computer turns...