1. macosux

    iPhone Not recognised by hackintosh10.13.3

    Hi guys/gals, whenever I plug my iPhone 5s to my hackintos; Nothing happens, its not recognised or even asks for "Trust this Computer". iTunes also doesn't seem to find it connected. I checked system information>USB - nothing shows any iPhone connected. I need help, can anyone please help me...
  2. Frostreaver

    [Solved] Elgato Cam Link / UVC not recognized

    Hi, my Elgato Cam Link is not recognized under macOS. With Windows 10 no problem on the same system and BIOS settings. Does anybody here uses the same USB dongle for Live Streaming or recording HDMI to the PC/Hackintosh? I tried it with both Quicktime and OBS. Also it does not show up under...
  3. Bapple

    How to De-Hackintosh my PC

    Hey guys, I'm moving and there's a good chance that I'll be selling my computer rather than taking it with me, which means that I need to take Mac OS off and put Windows 10 back on. I've created a windows 10 flash drive, and while my Asus Z97-M Plus recognizes the flash drive, I can't boot...
  4. famous_dallara

    USB 3 ports are not working but USB 2 ports are on my Z370 w/ 8700k and HighSierra

    Hi there! I have the current setup running High Sierra 10.13.4: - Gigabyte Z370 HD3P - 8700k Coffee Lake - GTX 1080 - Samsung 960 NVMe I have installed the "Increase the Max Port limit 200 Series" patch using Multibeast, but my computer just doesn't seem to recognize any USB if plugged in the...
  5. Jovie918

    USB-C Drive "Not Ejected Properly" after Wake from Sleep

    SO I've found similar threads on here regarding this topic, but nothing specifically dealing with USB-C devices and this sleep issue. Does anyone have any light on this? It seems like I may be having all around issues with "USB" devices. Weird glitchyness. Everything is usable, I just may have...
  6. Jibooom88

    Maudio Mobile Pre interface usb

    Hi everyone hackintoser!!! I'm a guitar player, i've try to install amplitube 4 and the my usb mobile pre audio interface. I've download and install the last driver release that dating 2011 for OS X Mountain Lion, the system detect the interface and show in audio system preferences, but the...
  7. rajanpandit

    USB not showing after boot from USB

    Hai, I have create to a usb with unibeast... and high sierra 10.13.4 (from apple store) process was successfully... I boot from usb it took some time.. but after boot, the usb device is missing in the list. there is not usb device which I created earlier... so I am not able to install it...
  8. zipippino

    Clover doesn't see the installation USB

    Hi, I hope this forum will help me as it helped me with Sierra installation. As written, about an year ago I successfully installed Sierra on my PC. During the iMessage fix i made a mistake and my whole system stopped working. I completely erased my HFS+ partition (i'm in dual boot) but left...
  9. falls

    USB External - Mac freezes on multi file copies from SATA to USB

    Hey, So my hackintosh completely freezes if I copy gigs of files or a few files from an internal SATA to an external USB drive. I notice if it's like 20 small pictures, no prob but if it's a bigger file or a lot of files it freezes the whole mac. No spinning ball... just nothing moves, time...
  10. YoshiMac

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Z170N-WIFI - Sierra- 10.12.6 - Custom SSDT for USBINjectall.kext

    Update 14/12/19 You can still do below but there is an easier ways to do this now - if you are not interested in the technical background - USB using Hackintool Tools/Solutions I can claim NO credit for finding this solution other than being able to follow the comprehensive guides by...
  11. GeekboyX

    [Solved] PREVIOUSLY working install from USB now stalls at first pixel of progress bar

    Hey gang - I've been bashing through the support threads and I haven't seen anything like this yet. In a nutshell, a previously working USB installer (the exact same USB stuck and boot that previously loaded just fine on the machine and left me up and running without issue for months) now will...
  12. runnerbeany

    Ralink 5372 compatibility

    Hey there! Apologies if i am not posting in the correct section. I recently found a Ralink 5372 USB wifi dongle lying around. It is detected in System Report however i've had no success in making it work. I followed the guide that nicolobahr posted on this thread however I have had no luck with...
  13. chuchutta

    [Solved] USB HDDs not showing up in Finder or Disk Utility (High Sierra)

    I have tried 2 USB HDDs with the High Sierra update. Neither show up. Both formatted in HFS+ format. Some of the posts i have read state that I need to convert it to apples new format with Disk Utilities. The only problem is, is that when I click on "Show All", all that shows is "Internal". No...
  14. WillBerner

    Clover Bootloader not recognizing USB

    I recently purchased and built an entirely new PC based almost entirely off of the buyer's guide here (both because I really needed a new desktop, but also I wanted to try to successfully Hackintosh again). Of course, now that I bought all the pieces just a month ago, the list seems to have been...
  15. Rdanler

    [Solved] ERROR fixed.. Couldn't copy apfs.efi... unibeast 8.3.0

    This is fixed using #19 in link below
  16. valf

    [Solved] Building Installer with Unibeast taking long time/not working

    I have a 64GB USB 2.0 PNY flash drive and for some reason can't get Unibeast to finish installing on it, gets about 40% done and halts. Any suggestions?
  17. marmac

    [Solved] No sleep after installing a new wifi/BT PCI-E adapter

    Hi I recently bought a new wifi/bt card to replace my old one. Is a BCM943602CS kit from amazon. All works fine, even in the bios, but my hack does't sleep. Sleep for two seconds and then wake up. The problem seems to be related with the usb port that is connected to the bluetooth card. I tested...
  18. YoshiMac

    [SUCCESS] ASUS Maximus VII Hero - HIGH SIERRA - 10.13.4 - Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

    Update 14/12/19 You can still do below but there is an easier ways to do this now - if you are not interested in the technical background - USB using Hackintool Tools/Solutions I can claim NO credit for finding this solution other than being able to follow the comprehensive guides by...
  19. Mulanzo

    High Sierra 10.13.4 Fresh Install Messed Up Graphics/USB- Was Usable at 10.13.3 Before Disk Failure

    I built a new Hack in January and at the time I was able to get it working (10.13.3) mostly (some issues with Bluetooth and XDCI causing automatic waking from sleep in a loop). As of yesterday, I had to reinstall (10.13.4) because I somehow caused an invalid node structure error on the drive...
  20. vinnya

    Blocked By Current Security Policy

    Hey all, New to TonyMacx, just bought a Lenovo 14' Ideapad, looking to turn it into a Hackintosh. I have a friend whose built tons of Hackintoshes and he gave me his USB installer for Sierra. For some reason I can't get passed the security policy, tried a bunch of different options in the BIOS...