usb problem

  1. haschu0103

    [Solved] USB-Devices not working

    Hello there, This is my first attempt to install macOS, I'm trying to use version 10.13 High Sierra. I followed this guide, because I couldn't boot to the installer USB, it got stuck at some point. After enabling USB "Inject" and "FixOwnership" I finally got the USB to boot - the installer...
  2. Astoli

    USB Problem on El Capitan

    Hi, I have a PC with which I would like to install El Capitan but at startup I have the kernel panic on AppleUSBUHCIPCI.kext .... I think it's a DSDT problem, but I can not change it .... someone could give it a look and change any usb errors?
  3. dayshad

    USB Ports Ejecting/Disconnecting Randomly

    Hi all I've had a problem with my build since I built it a few months ago. The USB ports all seem to work, although they randomly eject external hard drives and my USB audio interface - although they still provide power. I use the computer for music production so it's quite important to have...
  4. sekkond

    Help as soon as possible

    Recently I built a hackintosh pc. All works fine but i only have one problem. When I plug for example a hard drive or a license usb or my apogee sound card, the pc boots until it shows the apple logo and the loading bar loads more than half and then it restarts. When I unplug everything the pc...
  5. nguyenmac

    Guide To Install Yosemite on HP Laptops with Clover UEFI

    THIS GUIDE IS NOT MAINTAINED ANYMORE, YOU SHOULD FOLLOW THE NEW GUIDE HERE Introduction New Hp laptops series have UEFI implemented in BIOS, and it provides much more advantages over current BIOS-based bootloaders like Chimera/Chameleon. - Faster boot time - Easier OS X install/Upgrade...
  6. kaziem82

    10.6.8 Restored from a cloned disc, now neighter the cloned nor the source work. can only run intall

    Here is my story, any tips how to fix without reinstalling OS would be highly appreciated I had a clone of my working OSX 10.6.8 made with ccc (now I found out the cloned disc didn't have the bootloader installed, but it still loaded fine many times). I messed up things on the...
  7. kurt.s

    DELL XPS 15Z(L511z) successfull GPT booting, and a confusing USB problem.

    Hi everyone. I have been an owner of the Dell XPS 15Z for a year now, running Mountain Lion and Windows 7 in dual boot, from the beginning. As most of you running ML on this computer already know, it’s not possible to boot this computer with GPT partitioned hard disk, but I have found a...
  8. tbeast

    HP ProBook USB device "iPhone" recognize problem

    I have very strange problem when i try connect iPhone in my hackintosh. My OSX version is 10.6.8. When i connect iPhone 4S in my computer nothing happens. But if i install itunes or xcode, osx finds my iphone right away and it works fine. But when i reboot computer and boot it again osx does...