usb ports not working

  1. kida232

    Double Trouble: Ports Not Working, Drives Running but not Clover Accessible

    Hello Everyone, I recently made a Mojave Hackintosh build that includes the RX Vega 64, an Intel 9900, and the GB Designare Z390. I've included a list of all parts. (see screenshot) Everything seems to be working fine except the following…. 1. Most USB ports. I can plugin my keyboard just...
  2. Visualart

    Gigabyte Z370p USB Port How to Enable?

    I Installed High Sierra on my pc working good, but some usb port not working, how to enable usb port?
  3. ice1919

    usb2 port of case not working

    hello i have a small issue with my usb ports on my pc case (fractal define r6), the two 3.0 ports are working fine but the two 2.0 ports are not, all usb 2.0 and 3.0 ports from the mainboard are working so the question is could it be some of the clover configuration or are the usb 2.0 on my...
  4. dahdouglas

    Keyboard not recognized when installing El Capitan w/ Unibeast 6.1 USB installer

    I currently have a working system on Yosemite, no issues at all. iMessage, appstore, sound all work. I have an Evga x58 sli3 classified MB, model 141-BL-E760-A1 w/ 12 GB of ram, nVidia GTX 680 graphics card, 120 GB Vertex3 ssd, and a 1TB seagate HDD along with a 750GB HDD Time Machine for...