usb 3

  1. anqasan

    Lenovo U510 Hackbook

    Lenovo U510 on sale at Amazon Lenovo U510 running OSX (Chameleon Wizard settings for org.chameleon.boot.plist The specs for the machine I have are Core i7 3517U, 8GB, 750 GB HD, 24 GB SSD, 15.6" 1366x768 screen (wish it was better), HD4000 graphics (no NVidia as I decided to save 100...
  2. flatfeet

    Update to 10.7.5, no usb 3. How to fix??

    Hi, I have updated to 10.7.5, but i have no usb 3 support. Does anyone know's how to fix this??
  3. jasonbond

    USB 3.0 device doesnt work but USB 3 shows up

    I just bought a usb 3 adapter for my sd card and it is not recognized. (but is on my macbook air) Its strange because i have a usb 2 device( bluetooth adapter) plugged in a usb 3 slot. The usb 3 adapter does not even work in usb 2.
  4. Davirus

    USB 3.0 working (official LaCie kext)

    Not sure if this were mentioned here, the search bar is horrible and since the new site design google can't do any search on this site using the "site:" string. Anyway. I found that LaCie released a USB 3.0 driver/kext for their PCIE cards which also works on some on boards USB 3.0 ports. I...