usb 3 port

  1. bigclue

    << Solved >> USB Port Mapping not working. :/

    I followed the instructions for port mapping at: but to no avail. I figured out which ports I need (HS/SS1,2,5,6,9,10 and HS13,14). I selected and deleted the rest in Hackintool, so that only the 14 I...
  2. matthue90

    Z390 Aorus Pro USB Map for 2.0/3.0 for Big Sur 11.5

    Hello all So for a while now, I've been trying to investigate on my end on how to get all of the USB ports (mostly USB 3.0) active ever since after the 11.3 update that happened a while back. As of right now, I have a USB 2.0 Hub on the back on the motherboard and I'm using my keyboard, mouse...
  3. UPM

    << Solved >> Gigabyte GA-Z77x-UP4 TH Back USB Kexts

    Hello, I have been using OS X 10.9 up until a few months ago when I upgraded my GPU from a GT430 to a GTX1060 (I wasn't using OS X for a while at the time of the upgrade so I didn't know better about the nVidia compatibility) and so I now had to go from Mavericks to the last High Sierra version...
  4. Spacecowboy

    Shutdown/Sleep and USB 3.1 not working

    Hy! Just assembled my first Hackintosh (Asus Prime Z390-A with i5-9600K and Nitro+ RX580) and the only two things not working are Shutdown/Restart/Sleep and the USB 3.1 Ports from the GPU (Front panel working though). If I click restart, shutdown or sleep in the apple menu or press the on/off...
  5. ParavYadav

    SIERRA USB 3 Harddisk are not recognized

    Hi all, i am new to hacktintosh world. i have installed hackintosh sierra, everything is expect USB 3.0 harddrives and wifi i am a video editor and i need USB 3.0 drives. your great help will be appreciated my system configuration is MOTHERBOARD -Gigabyte GA-Z170N-WIFI Intel Z170 Mini...
  6. billbrown

    SOLVED: USB 2.0 drive working on USB 3.0 - ML 10.8.5 + Mavericks

    I stumbled on this fix accidentally and don't know why or how it works. :) After clean installing Mavericks, and selecting iMac 14.1 System Def (4 USB 3 ports compatible with USB 2) in MultiBeast 6.0. I did not install the USB 3.0 option because I had been using the native AppleUSB 3.0...