1. FrankLehnen

    Network speed, MacOS vs. Windows

    Hi all, I just have a quick question concerning the network speed I can achieve on my Hackintosh. My ISP provider offers a fairly stunning downstream of 500Mbit and upstream of 250Mbit. Under Windows 10 I usually get VERY near those speeds, testing with Ookla's Speedtest. (around 490 down and...
  2. macimbu

    Need help for weird upload speed

    Hi guys, i've just upgraded my system from Yosemite to Sierra. I've got new ssd for system, a Raid0 for data, new GPU and new ram, everything is working just fine exept for uploads. Running a speed test results are ok (27ms ping, 93mbps download, 47 mbps upload), but when i try to upload files...
  3. iosonofigo

    WiFi/Ethernet slow on El Capitan, fast on Windows

    Hello, I'm running this build for months and it's perfect, everything works fine. The only issue I have is that internet (upload speed in particular) is running incredibly slow. Here are my specs: - CPU: Intel i7 5820K 3.3 GHz - MOBO: Asus X99 Deluxe USB 3.1 - Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 980Ti -...
  4. JoaquinSanchiz

    [SOLVED] Graphics not working on 10.11.4 (Need help with this)

    Hi family I just uploaded my MacBook Pro to the new 10.11.4 version, so I decided to upload my Hackintosh as well, but I'm having some problems after the install. I uploaded my build from the AppStore, so I reached the first part of the install (the 27 minutes part), and after that my computer...
  5. erwin9

    Hackintosh keeps shutting down when i try to upload something to Gmail

    Dear Community, my Hackintosh ( Gigabyte DS3H Z77, Intel i5, HDD, Nvidia GTX 660) is shutting down when i try to upload Files to Gmail. I click on upload and it reboots immediately. Kexts installed: ALXEthernet AppleIntelE1000e AtherosE2200Ethernet FakeSMC RealtekRTL8111...