1. fairyessilevi

    Stuck at Apple logo (HELP)

    During the update from mojave to catalina, when I click to install it gets stuck in the apple logo and after several minutes the black screen turns on. I need your help.
  2. Cnldle

    IMAC G5 as chassis for Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2P /Upgrade Options

    Hi! I'm mainly here for advice as I am a complete novice when it comes to PC building so any help will be greatly appreciated! I have always wanted an old white polycarbonate IMac to play with and recently I have been lucky to acquire an immaculate one! for free! It is the Early 2006 Intel...
  3. philament23

    Upgrading old CPU and Motherboard and transferring over SSD/OS without clean install

    Hi, first post here. I'm looking to upgrade my old system, sporting the Gigabyte GA-H87-D3H and Intel i5-4570 to a recent recommended build on here, specifically to a Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Pro Wifi and Intel core i5-9600K. I'll obviously have to upgrade the memory too, and some other things, but...
  4. WilliamSG

    Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 (2013 build) to Catalina

    William's Mac Pro: Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH - i7-3770K - GTX 680 Components TP-LINK Archer T9E AC1900 Wireless Dual Band PCI Express Adapter Adapter (WiFi) https://www.amazon.com.au/TP-Link-PCI-Express-Beamforming-Archer-T9E/dp/B00TQEX7AQ/ Already Owned Gigabyte Z77X-UP5 TH (Motherboard) (No...
  5. susudio

    Is there a fail-safe upgrade method for High-Sierra? (from 17G3025 to 17G11023)

    I am a 2-year happy Hackintosh user, I stayed in HS mainly because of my old Nvidia Video card and I have no intention to go up to Mojave or Catalina. I just would like to be lead to a safe step to step guide with the in-gen upgrade but I have fear since last time I did it 1 year ago, there was...
  6. olmirror

    GA-X99-UD4 xeon upgrade stuck at PCI CONFIGURATION BEGIN

    Hi, I really hope someone can help me out of this situation. I've been running a 5820k cpu on GA X99 UD4 for years now without a problem. A couple of days a go I was able to get a cheap Xeon 2690 v3, 12 cores, and am trying to upgrade. But no matter what I try, I get stuck at the dreaded PCI...
  7. Finneuru

    Upgrade recommendations from GTX960?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my GPU for my Hackintosh which has the NVIDIA GeForce GTX960 at the moment. Decided that I want to get one from ATi so I can also upgrade from High Sierra to Mojave. I don't have any experience with the ATi products and feel kind of unsure what to get. Do you have a...
  8. octocat

    Solved > Catalina Boot Stuck After Success Install (Upgrade from High Sierra)

    Hi, I have working High Sierra on my Thinkpad x260. I'm using https://github.com/daliansky/ThinkPad-X260-hackintosh Clover configuration with my own modification (Updated Clover [5070], Driver & Kext Version). Everything works well on High Sierra, but I need Xcode 11 which require Mojave or...
  9. Bison204

    Update help... Sierra 10.12.3 to Mojave

    Hi Hackintoshers, I built my hackintosh fairly early in the Sierra days. It's run beautifully ever since, with the usual sleep/wake issues associated in integrated graphics, but has been a great machine. I once tried updating to High Sierra, had my screen go black upon booting up, panicked...
  10. wexdavid

    Can I run Mojave on this config?

    Hey guys, I'd like to ask for your opinion... I have a quite old piece of hardware, running Sierra since 2017 on it, without any issues... Would I be able to get away with Mojave on it? Mainboard: Asus Pk5 Pro (P35 Chipset) CPU: Intel Xeon X5460 (quad core, 12MB Cache) RAM: 6GB DDR2...
  11. samrhymes

    Best software for imaging a Hackintosh drive when upgrading to an SSD

    Hi there, I am new to the world of Hackintoshing and this forum so I'm sorry if its in the wrong place. I just built my first Hackintosh (Lenovo 1440p Laptop) and I want to upgrade its HHD to an SSD soon. Is there a tool or any easy way to make an exact copy of the current Lenovo HDD with all...
  12. Feartech

    Upgrading from HighSierra to Catalina failed - can't see any issue why

    you will need to disable your serial ports in your BIOS
  13. iPatch

    [Success] Upgrade from High Sierra to Catalina

    I upgraded directly from High Sierra to Catalina without any major issues, once I switched to a compatible GPU. Photoshop 2020 (v21.0.1) and the new Lightroom Classic v9.0 (Camera Raw v12) became unstable and jerky with High Sierra and the GeForce 1060 GPU with the last Adobe update. I replaced...
  14. marn3us

    Update from Mojave to Catalina stuck waiting for root device

    Hello guys, I'm sorry for bothering but I have tried upgrading from Mojave (10.14.6) to Catalina through the updater and I keep getting stuck with a prohibited sign (screenshots attached below). I have also tried booting with -s and -x but none of them worked and got the same error. *PLEASE...
  15. RowenDJ

    Help in update to Catalina from High Sierra

    Hello everyone! I want to update my system to Mac os Catalina. The problem is that I still on High Sierra because I have a Nvidia GTX 750 TI. I'm going to buy the " Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 560 4GD5 4GB OC GDDR5 " and install it. After that I will have High Sierra with this card and I think I...
  16. segwayne

    Time to upgrade. Need advice/input

    Hi, I'm currently writing to you from the very Hackintosh that I built 3 or 4 years ago (i7/4790k level) which is running "fine" but is pretty much stuck in time running El Capitan. Meanwhile, software that I work with -- like the Drobo Desktop -- is quickly starting to move on and abandon El...
  17. jonesi100

    Catalina Update Issues

    Upgrading from Mojave to Catalina caused my system to crash and the only way I could fix it was to install Catalina over the top from a USB stick created from the Catalina Installer and Clover, built from another Mac. My machine cam back to life, with all apps and data, but something very...
  18. thorhackingtosh

    Upgrade to Catalina

    Hi, I'm on mojave right now everything is working fine. I'll like to upgrade to Catalina. How is the proper way to do it? Thought software update? How many chances that everything goes OK? Any recommendation to be able to restore actual system if anything goes wrong? I'm on clover 5070 Thanks...
  19. verebes

    Solved > Dell Inspiron 3537 Mojave to Catalina upgrade issue

    I have a Dell Inspiron 3537 with Core i7 - 4500U processor, 8GB Ram, Intel HD4400 Graphics, Radeon Discrete Graphics(which I believe I have disabled correctly) My setup might sound a bit odd as I have two SSD's and on the main one where I keep the Mac-OS I have an EFI with Clover which runs...
  20. fjavi.mb

    Upgrade components or start from scratch? (i7 4790K // Asus Hero VII MOBO // GTX 980Ti)

    **CPU** | [Intel Core i7-4790K 4 GHz Quad-Core Processor] **Motherboard** | [Asus MAXIMUS VII HERO ATX LGA1150 Motherboard] **Memory** | [Corsair Vengeance Pro 32 GB (4 x 8 GB) DDR3-2133 Memory] **Video Card** | [Asus GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6 GB STRIX Video Card] I have a stable hackintosh running...