1. acentoni

    Want to Update to Catalina. Stuck on Yosemite. Help Me Get There?

    I know I’ll have to get a new motherboard since things changed after Sierra. Little by little, I need to get up to date. Things just aren't working for me anymore without these updates. Any advice for me? I haven’t done much to my machine since I built in 2011. So I’ve forgotten a lot of the...
  2. DamianGG

    Any suggestion for future updates?

    Hello everybody. I´m completely new with this thing of "Hackintosh". Yesterday I installed for the first time High Sierra on my PC and it´s working, at least the things that I need for the day to day, sound, HDMI sound, ethernet, wifi, bluetooth. I disabled the automatics updates, but my...
  3. jackcanon

    Nvidia Web Driver...

    Hey folks, I hope I'm posting in the right area, i've done a search for this and do not see it. I'm new to hackintoshing and my system is sitting pretty good right now, I don't want to mess it up. So if it ain't broke don't fix it right? Do I need to update to this? Should I update...
  4. FFKH

    Will upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10 do anything or change my dual boot setup with OS X 10.9?

    Basically I have OS X 10.9 and Windows 7 dualbooted on my PC. Its about a 50/50 partition of a 1tb WD Blue. Basically will updating to Windows 10 on my Windows 7 affect my Mac OS and partition in anyway? Just dont want anything to go wrong since it took me a while to setup my Mac/windows dual...
  5. dylondylondylon

    Accidentally updated my x99 hackintosh, won't boot

    I accidentally updated my x99 hackintosh running yosemite and booting from clover. I booted using -x -v and the boot stopped at BSD kernel thread. Sorry, I am on the run, but what is the general procedure to fix this? I'll have more specifics later.
  6. ethmail11

    Update from 10.9.0 to 10.9.5 issues

    hello i just updated my computer to 10.9.5 through the app store and the install went fine.... but when i rebooted i got a black screen with a curser in the corner. the only way for me to get into my system is through safe mode. any help would be nice :) Specs: hp xw8400 8800gt 4gb
  7. justmymavericks

    Use Data Partition?

    Hello, I began to use OS X recently and am wondering how I may use my install partition on my hard drive as just my root partition and my other partition as my data partition. I put 15GB in my root, and 985GB in my data, but I can't seem to tell anything to download there. The App Store doesn't...
  8. tonymacx86

    OS X 10.10.1 Update

    Today Apple released 10.10.1, the first major update to OS X Yosemite. Update any supported system using the built-in Software Update functionality through the Mac App Store, or by using the standalone installer available from Apple.com. Download the OS X 10.10.1 Update Be sure to back...
  9. pedrominz

    Successful Yosemite CustoMac Pro but how do updates work?

    Just wondering if I will be able to use the Apple system updates to update to the next versions of Yosemite or if that will screw up the hack. How do the OS X update work in general for this Hackintosh. Thanks!
  10. captaincoolz

    Will OSX updates give issues for the Hackintosh? Yosemite vs maverick

    I'm getting a computer with i7 4790, 8gb ram. nvidia gtx770 gpu, I'm certain that it'll work fine with the hackintosh install. I have a macbook for a few years and updates come every so often. And my main question lies after the install; Will OSX updates create issues? I want to keep up with...
  11. CookieCrumbs

    Should I update Mavericks to 10.9.3? If so/not why? Future references too!

    Hi! Today, I saw that there was an update for Mavericks onto 10.9.3. Should I take the update? Here are some questions I want to find out the answer to: If I update will it break the hackintosh? Should I update to 10.9.3? Should I wait for any experts to test it out? Where can I find people to...
  12. ohthesnow

    Mountain Lion 10.8.5 Won't Update Apps

    I'm currently running Mountain Lion 10.8.5. I have two hard drives, and both have a version of ML 10.8.5, but my apps won't update when I log in to my Apple ID. It comes back with "Unknown error." I was trying to upgrade to OS Maverick, but it's not letting me sign in. I've had this problem for...
  13. Bovine

    Newbie Questions: Maintenance and Stability?

    Hi There I'm a long time mac user and I'm at the point where I am considering fleecing myself for a new iMac, or building a PC I can dual boot Windows and OSX. So I guess I have a *couple of questions. 1. Once I've installed and get everything working, are systems typically stable and as...
  14. cusinndzl

    Can't update apps through App Store

    I updated to OS X 10.9 (the GM) a while back since I'm a developer, and everything worked fine. As of today I am no longer able to see any of the app updates under the update tab. I can still download/install/manually update apps by finding them from within the app store. I just can't use...
  15. frankJXL

    Skipping Updates to 10.8.5

    Just a simple quick question. I'm still on Mountain Lion 10.8.3. If I want to update to the newest 10.8.5, do I just have to download the combo update, or do I need to download 10.8.4 first, then 10.8.5? Thanks very much.
  16. meta11icwo1f

    How do Updates work with a mackintosh? What can I and can't I install without causing issues?

    Hi, I just built my Hackintosh PC. I love it, and as of right now everything works perfect! My question is, as far as using the app store to update my computer, what can I and can't I update without causing kernel panics for example. Can I do Mac OSX security updates, or just updates for...
  17. tk2727

    Help: Intel HD 3000 issues after 10.8.2 to 10.8.4 updates

    Hi, Can someone please help. I applied the combo update, and all seems fine except for the darn video drivers. Tried all flag combinations, but no matter what, OSX reads the video card as 64mb. As a result: I have no screen saver "Top Sites" in safari flickers I have no airplay...
  18. gregginca2

    What's your game plan for updating a working Hackintosh? Please share!

    I started out with a 10.6.7 Hackintosh and have updated twice, once to 10.6.8 (very painful), then to 10.8.2 (not quite as painful). I'm holding off on a 10.8.3 update because of the reports here. In both cases, I did the update, found that it didn't work, then studied the situation (and the...
  19. iGirl

    Security Update 2013-001 for Snow Leopard 10.6.8

    14 March 2013 Apple released Security Update 2013 for a bunch of different versions of OSX, including Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Combo Update Download: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1642 What's in it? http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5672 I applied it via Software Update without any issues. :-)...
  20. zaza76

    OS X 10.8.3 update

    Is it possible to update our HP4530 to this version?