1. Zephon

    Help on Updating Mavericks (10.9.5) to Yosemite on an Asrock z97 with clover

    Hi people, I guess its safe to say I am a bit late with a plea for help, since Sierra and El Capitan already passed me by. But before I wanted to completely reinstall my Hackintosh Setup with the newer OSX iterations, I at least wanted to try to update my current setup. I am using Mavericks...
  2. Piero2411

    Config.plist not found

    Hi, I have update my mackintosh at the last version yesterday(Mac OS Sierra 10.12.4) but now when I use clover configurator and search the file config.plist I don't find it. What can I do? thanks for the help.
  3. JacobOsborne1


    Hi new to this, and i have not actually built my hackintosh (brother did) so bare with me. Right as it says in the title i want to update my computer to run the latest software. what i want to know is, is it possible to do on the hardware i currently have. (if so) what is the best way to go...
  4. YoungYisrael

    [Solved] Panic Alert after Mevericks Update

    Specs: i7 3770k/TZ77A 16 GB DDR3 1600MHz 550W PSU 80+ /DVD RW 120SSD/cnps10x optima .................................... Most Humble Greetings to all the Hackintosh geniuses in here. I thank you for your endless diligence in making this community thrive. Thank you for your knowledge and your...
  5. KleinSXM

    Black Screen Durring boot long pause then good

    Whenever I boot into my hackintosh the boot gets a little past half way, then when my second monitor is activated both go black for a long time then the login screen appears. The attached images are the last out puts from verbose boot before the screen goes black. OSX 10.12.2 GTX 970 3.2ghz i5...
  6. Shall1313

    Post Update - No USB Devices working in 10.12.2

    Everything was great... Then my gf decided she should click update when prompted and I came home to a major problem. Everything boots just as it did, but I have no USB inputs. Even a wired mouse and keyboard yield no results. I'm pretty new still so I'm not even sure where to start. Any...
  7. Mario94M

    [HELP] Sierra update - shutdown spinning wheel at login!

    Hi guys I need your help more than ever! I've got a fully functional hackintosh running 10.11.6, with absolutely no problem at all even updating through the Mac Appstore and Clover... Yesterday I tried to update my system to Macos Sierra throught the Appstore. The installation went fine but as...
  8. Allen1912

    Can I Update From El Capitan to Sierra?

    Hi guys, I just wanna ask if I could update my El Capitan hackintosh to Sierra? My laptop is Acer VN7-591G with BCM94352Z WiFi Card and also a Clover bootloader. Things working on El Capitan: -Trackpad -USB 3.0 -Sounds (Mirone Patch) -Bluetooth -WiFi -Brightness Fix -Nvidia Card Disable -DSDT/...
  9. Spencer7220

    Updating from Yosemite to Sierra--Using Several Bootflags Help

    I've successfully built a completely functional Hackintosh in Mac OS X Yosemite that I've been using for a few years. I've finally decided to update to the latest version of Sierra which is possible, but I needed several bootflags to get it to boot successfully back when I use Chimera with...
  10. laptopmacer

    Possible Update from Yosemite to Sierra on Intel HD 4400 and Clover UEFI

    I was just wondering how I could safely update to sierra on clover from Yosemite and keep all of my data and make sure that the Intel hd 4400 will still work with Fake Pciid and ig-platform-id of 0x0a260006 if possible could someone tell me how to link to me to a tutorial explain how, Thanks!
  11. huming

    How can i install Update 10.12.2 when i can't reboot

    hello. My problem is My xps9350 can't reboot when i clicked restart in update progress. I read that.. ----- 4. Choose system drive for install (Example: Macintosh HD). When complete, the computer will automatically reboot. 5. When Clover boot screen appears, choose Boot macOS Install option...
  12. AdamEnglish

    Tried to update Mac definition for Sierra, can't boot

    I already have a working El Capitan installation, and tried to update to Sierra today. I downloaded the latest version of Clover and copied over my essential kexts. But when I tried to install Sierra from the App Store, it said it couldn't be installed on my Mac. I assumed this was to do with my...
  13. ozz.yyy

    Still on El Capitan after Sierra update?

    So I downloaded the Sierra update and did it, but after the restart I went to About This Mac and it still said El Capitan. Any ideas? I am a novice in this kind kind of updating stuff so please help! Many Thanks! Intel 4690, GTX 960 2GB, GA-H81M-S2H.
  14. AlixD123

    BootCache.playlist Sierra Install Issue

    Hi, I'm currently on El Capitan trying to upgrade to Sierra. I've managed to get downloaded from the AppStore by setting up as mac 6,1 in clover configurator. This is installed to my main SSD and in clover it comes up as an option to install macOS. When I run this, without safe mode it gets 2/3...
  15. prototypeDCB

    MacOS Sierra switches to default graphic driver when connecting VGA monitor

    Hello to everyone, I have updated from OS X El Capitan to Sierra 10.12.1 and my secondary display has stopped working. My main display is a Dell U2414H, which is connected through DisplayPort and works fine. However, the problem arises when: - I connect both monitors (the secondary display...
  16. hwijegun

    [Solved] Wifi not working after 10.12.1

    So my friend has accidentally installed the 10.12.1 update on my Hackintosh and my wifi stopped working after the update. I have the Broadcom BCM94352Z Wifi Card which worked perfectly before, and I've tried reinstalling the FakePCIID kexts and adding the Broadcom Wifi patch for Sierra again...
  17. Cl3V3

    Frozen Screen after Rebooting during Installation

    I tried updating through the Mac App Store and when rebooting it never took me to the installation screen. Just back to the Clover boot menu then into El Captain. So I stupidly tried to install it manually by going through the packages. Didn't work. This was at 2am so I didn't make a backup. Now...
  18. ambitzgi

    Cannot update iPad and iPhone: Error 11

    I wanted to update my new iPhone 7 to 10.1 via iTunes (iTunes, MacOSX 10.11.6). After iTunes had finished extracting the new firmware, iTunes told me that an unexpected error (11) occurred. My iPhone stayed on iOS 10.0.2. I did all the tricks I could find in the internet (e.g. new...
  19. dm5n

    Is it possible to rollback an OS update?

    Hi folks, I've updated to 10.12.1 and now apps just bouncing in the dock and not opening. Restarted in Safe Mode worked ie apps opened but no effect on normal reboot. I haven't cloned the drive or used Time Machine. I have the macOS Sierra installer on usb - using Clover - is it possible to...
  20. onx

    Can't update from El Cap to Sierra

    Hi guys! I've got problem with updating to macos Sierra from El Capitan. I successfully downloaded install app from AppStore. Running it my hackintosh done some steps and restarted but after it just loaded old El Capitan. I tried it several times but same result. What could you advice me to...