1. Nehedar

    Updating Opencore from 0.7.2 to 0.8.3 | ERRORS

    I am running Big Sur 11.6.8 I tried to create a new EFI on a separate USB Stick with the latest OC 0.8.3 downloaded the debugg version and when tried to boot from the USB Stick the boot picker still showed 0.7.2. I read on a forum how to see the loaded OC version, and I found “change on...
  2. otgr340

    Currently dualbooting W10 and Catalina w/ OC. Thinking of updating OC and updating to Monterey

    So first off I want to say that I am inexperienced, and don't feel comfortable working with OC. I grabbed an old EFI from a thread on this website (running OC 0.5.2) and I was able to successfully dualboot Windows 10 and Catalina (OC can't boot Windows but after booting into it from a clover EFI...
  3. EmanuelTheDude

    Updating from Catalina to Monterey

    Hi, my beloved Hackintosh still runs on macOS Catalina Version 10.15.2 (19C57). If I start the Monterey update via System Preferences the download of Monterey (12GB) runs fine. I then get the install pop up window. I click continue, choose my drive (i have only one) and run the update. After the...
  4. gauthieral

    What do I need to buy to update to 12.something?

    Hello, Sorry, I'm not good with computers. I made a working hackintosh a few years ago (still running on 10.12.5), but now it's time to update osx, because I can't use some newer photo softwares. I have a GA-Z170X-UD3, an Intel Core i7 6700, 32 GB Mhz DDR4, and my graphic card is NVIDIA Geforce...
  5. Juggernaut1987

    10.15.7 Update broke my installation

    Hi all, I’ve followed the guides here to update my machine to 10.15.7. Updated Clover, the works. However to make the machine more user friendly for my housemates I’ve configured clover to hide most boot volumes. Unfortunately that caused issues installing the update since the machine needs...
  6. pontual

    Unable to update from Catalina to Monterey

    Hello guys! I've finally migrated from Clover to OpenCore (0.7.6) and I was able to boot my previous Clover-based Catalina 10.15.7 install. Since I have a Gigabyte B360M board, I've used the Clover Config available here as a base: https://github.com/SuperNG6/MSI-B360-Big-Sur-EFI However, with...
  7. albertoacj

    After update only boot from Preboot

    After Update Monterey to the new Monterey 12.1, chose the Preboot FOR (shows two Preboot, for and from) rebooted three times and after Monterey shows. Everything is normal but when I reboot, only works from preboot, from normal volume just stuck, when I add -V my system just reboot. In EFI...
  8. flexmcmurphy

    Updating Catalina breaks my Wifi booting with OpenCore

    Hello, Today I let a Catalina update go through and afterwards my Wifi doesn't work anymore. The version of Catalina didn't change, stayed at 10.15.7, but some security update went through. I am using Opencore. Before the update I had Opencore 0.7.0 and Catalina 10.15.7 Before I ran let the...
  9. thescoopkid

    advice on updating 10.14.5 => 10.15+

    I'm currently running 10.14.5 and I'd like to update to an OS that can utilize my 5500 XT. My understanding is that the card will work in 10.15 and above. I also read that updating from 10.14-> 10.15 is fairly straightforward. I'd be open to something even newer, but simplicity is highly...
  10. BezLG

    Update Clover 5122 to 5141 : can't boot Catalina !

    Hello, I'm on Catalina (clover 5122) and want to go to Big Sur (and much later Monterey). First I'm updating my clover to 5141 (via Clover Configurator, "Package"). (Yet, seem's to me that Opencore is to difficult/taking time (...) ! :crazy:). I've updated, then that happened ...
  11. satoct21

    macOS 10.15.7: Can't update to macOS Big Sur

    This is my first Hackintosh build, really new to all of this. I tried to update to Big Sur (tried to update directly to Monterey too) from my Catalina V. 10.15.7 for the past two days and cannot find the solution to my problem. Using the native Installer, its shows up the "An error occurred...
  12. haem

    Post 11.6 update DRM content not working anymore

    Update from 11.5.2 to 11.6 went fine but DRM content (Netflix/Amazon/Disney) stopped working (video shows red screen, audio working). For my build DRM worked fine on 11.5.2 using latest Lilu + WEG + AGPM Injector + shikivga=128 on my Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 580 8 GB. VDA decoder says Hardware...
  13. therucho

    << Solved >> Issues after updating High Sierra

    So a few days ago I updated Safari and also downloaded some security updates through App Store. I know I shouldn't have, but Safari wasn't working ok so I decided I would give it a try. Before updating, I made a full back up with Time Machine. Then the update went ok, computer restarted and the...
  14. Messa

    Try to update

    I just got an amd card an want to upadte so i updated clover conf. After reboot i can't see install selection or can boot back to high sierra. If i use bootflags i can see the error some ktext is missing - how can i fix that? (See Screenshot) Thanks
  15. cci[RR]us

    [Solved] Big Sur 11.4 update is missing on 11.3.1

    On my ProBook 4540s that has Big Sur 11.3.1 installed and working fine, it cannot find the 11.4 update. It says it is up to date. Any ideas how to let Software Update find the latest 11.4 update? Alternatively, is there another way to update to 11.4? Thank you!
  16. Nodarkthings

    A guide to update OpenCore 0.x.y to 0.x.y+1

    @miliuco does a great job at pointing out the differences between one version and the next (search for his "Opencore 0.x.y > 0.x.y+1 differences" threads), but I often see the same questions coming back regularly on his threads and other ones, so here's an overview of the best way to update...
  17. darkyto

    Can't update catalina 10.15.7 security update

    hi guys, 2 weeks ago i upgraded from mojave to catalina, i upgraded directly to 10.15.7 but right now i get an update in the control panel, which never ends. When I click on update, the computer restarts but does not enter any installation. somebody could help me?? is it a disk permission...
  18. misfitbum

    Update from Mountain Lion to High Sierra

    Wanting to update my Hackintosh from Mountain Lion to High Sierra. Trying to see what the best way forward is. Don't really want to start from scratch. Looking to just do an simple OS update to my machine. Specs: -GIGABYTE GA-Z77-DS3H -i5-3570K -EVGA GT 640 (upgrading to Sapphire RX 580)...
  19. misfitbum

    Clone boot hard drive with EFI in Mountain Lion

    Hello, I have an old 10.8.4 Hackintosh I'm trying to get ready to be updated and I'm needing to clone the boot drive to a bigger SSD. I know CCC can't copy the EFI to the new SSD and I've tried several of the tools around here but haven't had any luck. I've tried EFI Mounter v2 and v3.1...
  20. lexboss

    [Resolved] Can't update to Big Sur from 10.15.7 using OpenCore 0.6.4

    Hello guys, Since Big Sur was released to the App Store I'm trying to update to it but with no luck :( Currently I'm using OpenCore 0.6.4 on a 10.15.7 Catalina and everything works well. (I had a hackintosh from a time where there was a Mojave and a Clover out there). I've tried updating from...