1. samdeane

    Catalina (10.15) public beta 3 to public beta 4

    This update worked pretty smoothly for me. YMMV! One thing to watch out for (common to all updates, not just this one) is that the boot volume needs to change to a temporary macOS Installer partition, and that it reboots multiple times during the install. If, like me, you are dual-booting...
  2. Jippa_Lippa

    Security Update Loading Bar Freezes.

    Hello. I'm using a 10.13.6 installation with nvidia graphics & drivers, but I have a problem with the latest securty update. I download the update from the appstore, restart the computer, select the appropriate partition in clover (install MacOS), but each time the loading bar stoppes around...
  3. kcai2

    Mojave Update Issue

    Hi all, last night I tried to update my High Sierra to Mojave. After updating Clover and downloading the installer, I restarted. But after restarting, the apple logo and loading bar just hangs there. Running in verbose mode hangs on this: Start RandomSeed End RandomSeed...
  4. Junaid6305

    Stuck on “FORCING CS RUNTIME...” after 10.14.4 update

    I’m updating to 10.14.4 from 10.14.2. After the system restarted it gets stuck on this (pic). Serial ports have been disabled (gigabyte motherboard). I can still boot into 10.14.2 without any issues.
  5. filippo0002

    Clover error post update

    Hey guys, what's up? Specs: i78700k, aorus gaming 5 z370, gtx 1060 6gb, ssd samsung evo 850 evo 250gb, OS high sierra 10.13.3 So i had a bit of trouble recently with my hackintosh... I was trying to install windows 10 on another drive on the machine and by error i took out the windows bootable...
  6. Seamotions

    General update question.

    Hey peeps! Been thinking about building a hackintosh for a while now and the one thing that’s keeping me is the updating process. Whenever apple comes out with new updates for the OS, is it as easy as it in on a regular mac? Like can I just download and install the update from the Mac App...
  7. Slickademo

    Z370 Gaming 7 Bios F12c update

    Anyone else running a Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7 with the newest Bios update? I upgraded my i7 8700k to an i9 9900k and figured I might as well update the Bios from F11 to F12c. I can't get passed clover into Mac os or get into the install screen. I want to do a fresh installation. Maybe there's...
  8. playashu

    Mojave Running Slower Probably due to Some Problem with Memory Map Allocation

    I installed Mojave a few weeks ago on my laptop (dual boot with sierra) . Felt it was running a bit slower than sierra. Navigation through the system and animations were all smooth. But opening apps and switching between them felt slower. Like Chrome usually took around 12-20 sec to show up a...
  9. PeterQuill

    [Solved] HDD order change after Clover Update

    I previously had an issue with booting Ubuntu 18.04 (LUKS disk encryption) and Windows 10 (VeraCrypt) with Clover, due to issues with certain UEFI drivers. You may notice that loading APFS drivers will change the way your system sees your HDD layout, though both respective bootloaders should...
  10. jhenley01

    Slower boot times after 10.14.2 update?

    Is anyone else noticing slower boot times after updating to 10.14.2? The boot times on this machine were never great to begin with but they seem even slower after the update. I never timed it before but right now it's about 30 seconds from pressing enter at Clover screen to login. I'm using a...
  11. scrotorr

    Convert cloned HFS Mojave installs to APFS?

    I have a few cloned systems that I tossed onto HFS not thinking about the fact that I wouldn't be able to update. Honestly I was hoping I could poke around the distribution file in the update packages and just avoid the APFS requirement if it came to that, but I've been unsuccessful - and I...
  12. marcosdipaolo

    Security Update 2018-006 Sierra

    I'm not sure this is the right place to post this, in case it isn't please feel free t move it. My Hack is asking me to update this security update '2018-006 security update' together with Safari 12.0.2. Last time i went for a system update some kexts were blown up and i couldn't boot until some...
  13. brownknee

    Update from 10.10.1 - In need of advice

    Hello, I built my Hackintosh about 4 years ago and upon completion I installed 10.10.1. It was my first build so I was (and still am) nervous about updating it to a more current version of MAC OSX. I mostly use my machine for my artwork, however I do play games via "Steam" on it from time to...
  14. Rux

    Upgrade from Sierra to Mojave failing to boot into installer

    Hey People! After lots of research and thinking if I should upgrade I made the choice that I have to, as Sketch (vector design app) stopped support for older versions and I had no other choice other than start the upgrade. I did follow this guide precisely, and all went well with downloading...
  15. Alcatraz6

    Update From Capitan 10.11.6 to High Sierra. (Clover)

    :banghead: Yes, I know I have delay this for too long, and now i need to update. (Issues with 240 fps codecs) . So, I need your feedback. Is there any almost safe way to do this? Can I find the High Sierra OS for download? Should I first upgrade to Sierra? Is there any guide for mi case? What...
  16. shllghst

    Upgrade to Mojave from Sierra : failed verifying firmware

    Hello, I have a hackintosh with the following hardware: MB: Gigabyte B250M-DS3H CPU: i5-6500 3.2 GHz GPU: ATI Radeon HD5870 (1 GB) It works well on Sierra (never try High Sierra) but it failed to upgrade to Mojave. This is what I try : Update Clover Configurator ( Load values in...
  17. jdleung

    [Solved] 10.13.4 update to 10.13.6 failed via App Store

    My computer is running on High Sierra 10.13.4, I wanted to update it to 10.13.6 via App Store. Everything went fine, but the system is still 10.13.4 after reboot, it means nothing changed. How can I do it right to update it? Thanks.
  18. SuperMilesio

    Clover 2.4k Update BLACK SCREEN

    So I’m running El Capitan on my hackintosh and it’s been working fine for days. I finally decided to install my Nvidia gpu and whenever I checked the box in system preferences for Nvidia, the computer would restart and it would go back to the default OS X graphics. I saw on a tonymac forum that...
  19. AnDenPrangerMitEuch

    Solved > DisplayPort not working after Mojave Update

    Hi, I upgraded my PC with an MSI RX 580 ARMOR Graphics Card (1xDVI, 2xHDMI, 2x DP) after Nvidia doesn't release a driver. The new Graphics Card worked fine in High Sierra, then I installed the update to Mojave.. Now I have a problem: I have four monitors connected (1 DVI, 2 HDMI and 1 DP) and...
  20. fotograh

    Updating from Yosemite to High Sierra-best approach?

    Hello everyone, i would appreciate a good advice on how to update my Hackintosh from current OSX (Yosemite 10.10.5) to the latest OSX possible. Since i have nVidia graphics card, i assume that Mojave would not be a good idea because of these issues with Apple not signing off on nVidia Mojave...