unknown locale

  1. Apples2Oranges

    Stuck on Apple Logo/ATHR: unknown locale: 21

    Hello all! I just upgraded to El Capitan using UniBeast with Clover in UEFI mode and had it running great. While figuring out my audio, graphics and general boot args I occasionally could not boot and would get stuck at the apple logo. I usually got passed it by booting with the USB drive and...
  2. pista7

    [Solved] How to get rid of the ATHR: unknown locale 21 errors

    Hi guys, here's a simple fix to get rid of the annoying "unknown locale" messages in your system.log. These are caused by the TP-LINK WDN-4800 card, which has a regulatory domain value in its eeprom that is not recognized by OS X. It works by simply replacing the check for regdomain 0x37...