1. trs96

    Webroot Secure Anywhere (WSA) and Catalina - Not a good combination

    Just a brief warning to Mac/Hack owners that use WSA security software. I'm pretty sure this all applies to Big Sur too but have seen no need to even test that. A friend's 2012 iMac with HDD had been upgraded to Catalina, now it was extremely slow and barely even usable. Spinning beachballs were...
  2. mikelcg

    Uninstalling Mac OS to install Windows

    Hi guys, I have tried to find any related thread with no luck. After 5 years of running Mac OS on my machine, I have decided to move to Windows for the sake of stability on my system. I have a 250gb SSD and two 1TB drives, one SSD and one solid drive. The 250gb one holds the Mac OS system...
  3. erik74

    Help Cloning Partitions - Expanding Working System

    Hey, I'm looking for some help cloning my Windows 10 partition. I've just bought myself a new m.2 hard drive to expand my storage space and I want to move my Windows partition to it. Honestly, I never use my OSX partition and I think I'd prefer to delete it. Further, I honestly don't remember...
  4. Piero2411

    Uninstall intel driver for install nvidia

    Hi i have order a new graphic card nvidia 1050 ti by gigabyte and i have to install it on my hackintosh. Now i use a internal graphic card by intel. My question is what can I do for install ma ma new nvidia card? I have tu uninstall intel driver? What i have to do? Thanks for help for my problem
  5. Zxios

    Switch from Chimera to Clover [Yosemite]

    Hello! I'm using Chimera to boot Yosemite, but as it does not work with my GPU I would like to be using my (already-working) Clover plist. I already have Clover installed to my SSD, but I can't boot into it. It is overridden by the already installed Chimera, which by the way, is just giving me...
  6. andehpandeh

    [HELP] I installed Clover to my MacBook Pro by mistake

    Oh man, I messed up. So, as I was preparing the Yosemite / Clover USB book drive and accidentally installed Clover to my authentic MacBook Pro HDD. My question to you good people is how do I undo the damage and return my real Mac back to working order. I haven't tried rebooting and terrified of...
  7. 5star

    Bluetooth Not working at all after Continuity Activation Tool

    So I bought one of the Apple Broadcom Bcm94360cd cards and as soon as I put it into my GA-X79-up4, the bluetooth and the wifi worked immediately. I did realize that handoff and airdrop weren't working so I used the Continuity Activation Tool to see if I could get it to work (I'm still using El...
  8. ActionHank

    How to remove clover from the system?

    Hello everyone! I've decided to Hackintosh out of curiosity with frankly lacking understanding of the technical part. I was able to successfully install and set up El Capitan on my Lenovo T420s before I screwed it up with poor patching decisions. I wanted to do a clean install so I formatted the...
  9. ran913

    Uninstall entire mac OS/unibeast

    Hey guys, I've had my hackintosh with Yosemite installed through unibeast for a couple months now and though it runs decently, i've realized that their were a lot of little issues that were a little too much for me. I've recently gotten more into online gaming and noticed that a lot of games...
  10. goldorac

    How to uninstall Clover completly ?

    Hello people, i come to you because this Monday 8th is the new keynote for Apple and 10.11 will be announced. So for this jump to Yosemite to the new os X, i want to change my bootloader Clover and go to Chimera. For information actually with Clover: - Audio works but i have some problem every...
  11. djsodope

    uninstall osx maverick and installing windows 8

    Can some one please help me unstall osx maverick and in stall windows 8 here is my computer parts if you need to know Corsair Carbide Series 300R Black Steel / Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 Dual Band Wireless N900 PCI Express Adapter, 2.4GHz 450Mbps/5GHz 450Mbps, IEEE...
  12. fangyanghua

    Can MultiBeast provide function to uninstall installed drivers?

    Hi Guys, MultiBeast just give change to install something, such as power management driver, but does not give change to uninstall them if we find we did a mistake installation. Can you provide function to uninstall the installed drivers/changes by MultiBeast? Thanks, Yanghua
  13. jdhadwin

    What have I done!!?

    I have a real Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch, Late 2011 with a 2.5 GHz i7, (all original internal hardware) Running OSX 10.9.5. I bought a 2 Port USB3.0 expressCard and realized that the only way to make it work was multiBeast (which I had never previously heard of). Apparently, and only in...
  14. EricSantos

    Uninstall/Remove Cuda

    I have GA-Z77X-UD5H 1155 ATX with the Intel 3770K, I do not have a video card installed and Have been using the HD4000 since I made the thing without any problems whatsoever. Lately, maybe in the past 3 days, I've noticed some tearing when moving windows across the screen and watching video. And...
  15. sjoerd3

    uninstall lion and install a clean windows 7

    hello, i have my hackintosh running for a few months now and probably getting a real mac soon, but i then want to uninstall lion on the machine i have now and install windows 7 on it (so no dual boot, only win7!) only as nooby as i am i have no idea how to do that... does anyone has a solution...
  16. djcesar

    A way to Uninstall/Remove the installed kexts previously

    Please adopt a way to Uninstall or Remove kexts installed previously through checkboxes or something like that.