1. Blurry12

    [Solved] Unibeast USB not booting.

    Hello. This is my first post and it is an S.O.S. I have created a Sierra boot USB with UniBeast. However when I booted from it, it shows a black screen with a single white maker in the top left (The same one you get on the CMD). I have tried switching from EFI to Legacy still no success. My...
  2. AvWijk

    Radeon HD 2400 XT flash?

    Hi, I have an almost working UniBeast Sierra Desktop setup, except for the graphics - which is an quite outdated HD2400 XT / 256 MB Pcie card, now stuck in 1024x768 or otherwise flickering graphics with ATI injector. I found out that the iMac 7,1 uses the same chip. Is it possible to flash the...
  3. destare01

    Unibeast Mac Volume missing

    I try to install mac os Sierra. But when i Need to chose the Installation volume there is only my usb avable and my Windows C and D disk not. How can i fix that Problem to install osx on one of this disk.
  4. sweeznit

    [SOLVED] UniBeast 7.1.1 fails to create bootable USB (logs included)

    Update: Solved - [link] Creating a bootable USB fails to complete and the progress bar hangs in the UI. I'm using a partitioned volume of the recommended max 32GB from a 1TB WD My Passport hard drive. I've also tried on an HP 8GB USB drive. I'm working from a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid...
  5. KYEshand

    UniBeast: Install Sierra crashing and cant get past apple sign

    Hello, I'm currently in the process of trying to install Sierra, with UniBeast 7 and its keeps crashing on the install, the apple sign comes up and nothing happens.. I have done verbose mode to find out where its getting stuck and its at the following point! this is what comes up...
  6. buhdeuce67

    I just need these questions answered

    Hi, I have a few questions that I think may solve my problems. First of all, is it better to have a macOS only system or to have a dual-booting system? I would prefer to have a dual-booting system, but I would really like macOS if I had to have a single-boot system. Second thing, how do I solve...
  7. AlexDominat

    Installed succesfully sierra on lenovo b50-80 but on external drive

    so yeah installed sierra on the external drive and tried to reinstall it on the internal one and got a bootloop any ideas?i used unibeast
  8. luizschiestl

    [Solved] UEFI Clover won't boot from HDD

    Hi, I have successfully installed macOS Sierra on my computer. Graphics worked out of the box (Radeon HD 6850). I made my WiFi adapter work with Green Wlan USB Utility. I used MultiBeast to install Clover UEFI and to my disappointment it didn't work. I can only boot to macOS using the USB drive...
  9. kaiserh

    [Solved] Can't Boot - Sierra 10.12.4 on Z270 + i7 7700K

    I have just built this machine and am looking to replace my Mac Pro with a more up-to-date machine. I initially got macOS Sierra 10.12.3 installed however had a few graphical glitches in macOS using the onboard Intel HD 630 graphics over HDMI. To get it to boot into the installer I had to change...