1. josephanton3

    Anyone have a working config for HP ENVY Desktop TE01-1487c?

    Hello all. Great to be a part of this community. I have been trying for weeks to build a hackintosh on my HP ENVY Desktop TE01-1487c. The HP product number of my PC is 319L0AA. I purchased the PC in 2022 from Costco, so there should be a number of them out there in the universe. I have had...
  2. jdowd7

    Erased Yosemite Unibeast boot stick

    Accidentally formatted my Unibeast USB Boot stick from 2016- now I can’t boot into OSX. The bootable OS is Yosemite. I redownloaded Unibeast and tried to create a new boot usb- but I don’t have the yosemite image so no luck there. Any ideas?
  3. massimo.p1228

    Unibeast High Sierra won't install bootloader. (running from catalina)

    Hey all, Looking for a fix to an annoying problem that I just can't seem to figure out. I have SIP disabled and have already followed all steps for troubleshooting. I have also tried multiple disks. For some reason, it just won't work. Please Help! I have attached the log below. 07/03/22...
  4. BathindaHelper

    How can Unibeast be installed on Windows (to prepare mac os installable disc)?

    @zubidoobi Can someone pls guide any hack to install unibeast on windows 11 64 bit?
  5. playforest

    [[SOLVED]] Late to the Catalina party: The endless install reboot.

    Hi All! Finally making the jump to Catalina from Mojave (after a software upgrade means I now need to upgrade the OS). Having tried every option possible with no luck (never ending dead ending on the 1689 issue), I decided to revert to my original idea of a completely fresh install to a new...
  6. AbdoulayeBangala

    Stuck at installation

    Hello, I am trying to create a Hackintosh and therefore I create my usb key with Unibeast (from my iMac 2011) but the progress bar does not advance at all and is at 0, "creating USB installer" for 10min. What should I do ? (Catalina - Unibeast 10.30) Thank you in advance, have a good day
  7. akinci

    << Solved >> Gt 740 Catalina pre installation Unibeast question

    Hi all, I am planing to upgrade my system High Sierra to Catalina with a new SSD. I got a Nvidia GT 740 . I noticed that a Graphics Configuration option in Unibeast says Inject Nvidia. (for series 900-800-600-500) not 700. I heard that GT 740 accepted by default in Mojave and Catalina. Should...
  8. chriistailor

    Stuck on Apple Logo!!! HP 250 G3

    Hey! Please give some advice, cause i feel i am lost... I think i tried everything with Unibeast, Clover,and it's the same problem. I have a HP 250 G3 with Intel Celeron and i want to use Mac Os High Sierra (or lower) and i made a bootable USB following this guide...
  9. AlexisK

    Big Sur bootable USB without UniBeast?

    Hello everyone, I’m really sorry but these times I’m a bit lost, as I started planning my CustoMac before the release of Big Sur - which seems to change some things about OS installation. I’m an IT newbie and I know that I’d probably have been more aware (in a way I got what I deserved) but...
  10. evasiveinvasi0n

    ASUS G551JW on Catalina - Installed but won’t boot

    I have successfully made a USB via Unibeast and clover. The install went fine but it keeps booting to a grub instead of macOS. I previously had Mint on the partition I am using but I wiped it when I began. Any thoughts on how to boot?
  11. raulduelis

    << Solved >> UniBeast it's not working on my MacBook Pro 2012

    Hello guys! I have a 2012 core i5 with 8Gb of RAM MacBook Pro and I want to make a hackintosh on my older i3 desktop (I checked the compatibility and it's supported) but when I run the Unibeast, it's very lo and do not create my bootable disk. Initialy, he showed an error associated to efi...
  12. Ray1992xD

    Advice on Optiplex 3010, Radeon 6450 discrete card

    Hey all, Thanks to the forums and a little peek at the installation guide here I managed to install High Sierra through the legacy method that someone here suggested on another post. I found out that I needed the Dell Smbios patch. Now, I've got a desktop, working sound and working ethernet...
  13. stepan

    `Selected Mac OS X Installer is Incomplete` I can't install Lion by installer

    Hello. I have a problem of installation Lion in my mac mini. I use UniBeast 5.2.0, And want install Lion 10.7.4. When I run UniBeast select a destination and select Lion.app, program return error: Your selected Mac OS X Installer is incomplete. Please delete all copies of the installer from all...
  14. skykooler

    Trying to set up a CustoMac Mini from the buyer's guide with Catalina

    Hello, I'll preface this by saying I don't have much experience with hackintoshing anything recent; my last project was a Snow Leopard install on an EeePC ten years ago. So I figured I would make things easy by just buying one of the recommended configurations from the tonymacx86 buyer's guide...
  15. oliversl

    << Solved >> How to copy the EFI from Unibeast to EFI partition?

    Hi, when I boot my Mac installation using the Unibeast usb disk, my AMD RX580 works fine, but after running Multibeast and boot from the hard drive, it does not work. I wonder if I can just copy the files from the EFI partition form the Unibeast USB to the EFI partition in my hard drive. Will...
  16. feydhayt

    Install USB will not boot

    Black screen with apple logo. No progress. -v gets attached screenshot. I have tried making a new USB and tried every USB port on here. It’s possible my UEFI settings are wrong. I’ve tried to change every setting per the guide as close as possible but might have them wrong if anyone can help...
  17. jiny505

    << Solved >> [HELP] macOS 10.15.7 with Unibeast can't install

    I followed the Installation Guide, make the Unibeast USB, set up bios, and now this screen. I just saw apple logo and progress and then no mark. Follow screens are -v mode and captured. Mac OS unibeast 10.3.0-2 - disable vt-d - enable xhci-handoff - disable serial port - win8-10...
  18. joshhp

    Intel NUC8i5BEK Catalina Install Issues - IOConsoleUsers: gIOScreenLockState 3, hs 0, bs 0, now 0, sm 0x0

    Hey everyone, I recently bought an off-the-shelf Intel NUC8i5BEK to Hackintosh, and I'm completely new this. So I must say the one thing Apple DOES have, still, is the "it just works" thing :) Most of the time, these days... So far I've used the basic Unibeast guide to get through to the very...
  19. EatenSniper

    Dell Precision T7500 - Mojave Attempt Install (Kernel Panics)

    Hi, Here's a Dell Precision T7500 and I can't boot it at all into the vanilla Unibeast Mojave installation USB stick, I have used many different boot parameters and binary patches but to no avail and I have disabled the VT-D Intel virtualisation option in the BIOS utility but still to no avail...
  20. CallMeChad

    Trouble booting Clover from USB

    Hi guys, this is my first post and also first Hackintosh. I'm trying to achieve a Dual-Boot Hackintosh solution using Intel Graphics for macOS and RTX for Windows (I know that I have to disable my dGPU from my MoBo but it's fine.) The thing is that even if I try my hardest, I cannot seem to...