unibeast 8

  1. gatorback

    Unibeast 8.3.1 unable to locate /Volumes/Install macOS High Sierra

    Macbook Air to outfit Sandisk USB with High Sierra via Unibeast 8.3.1. Boot loader hangs: vi ~/Library/Logs/UniBeast.log 11/20/18 20:49:58 - Starting UniBeast 8.3.1-20180412 11/20/18 20:51:49 - Copying Files... 11/20/18 21:10:14 - Installing Bootloader... 11/20/18 21:10:15 - installer: Error...
  2. DemoKing

    Unibeast 8 Attaching base system

    Hey guys, probably something really simple but I've been sitting on the "attaching base system" screen for over 2 hours now with nothing in the logs detailing any failures. wondering if anyone has had a similar problem and if so what they did to rectify it
  3. chranananduri

    My system is stuck at the plus sign error at Install of macOS High Sierra

    Hi, my build is a CPU - Core 2 duo 6300, 775 socket MB - ASUS P5KPLSE GPU - Nvidia GeForce 9400GT Sorry, this may be a dumb problem, it is my first build. I am able to choose to install from the USB drive at the beginning but after choosing that, it stays at the apple logo, when I boot into...
  4. Nyak

    Clean Install Boot Error: (com.apple.WindowServer) <Notice>: Service only ran for 0 seconds.

    Just upgraded to Z270 architecture and thought I'd update to High Sierra as well. Changed all the Clover settings to match @JMunson11's build guide success-asus-rog-maximus-ix-hero-i7-7700k-32gb-ram-intel-630-hd.222316 System runs the install disk. Loading bar gets a little more than halfway...
  5. Puckettonline

    Couldm't copy apfs.efi to destiantion

    I'm getting a error message when making the high sierra usb with unibeast 8 and the message says "There was a error creating your unibeast drive: couldn't copy apfs.efi to destination ESP folder When I convert the USB to GPT in windows it tells me it can't format it on Disk Utility when I try...
  6. Nyak

    UniBeast 8 "There was an error creating your UniBeast drive: Couldn't create installer"

    Attempted to do a fresh install of High Sierra with Unibeast 8 and got this error when I tried to create my drive. I made sure the drive formatting was correct and that I had it set to GUID Partition Table. I deleted every copy of the High Sierra installer and started from scratch to no avail...
  7. bahi-2

    Black Screen during unibeast! PLS HELP

    This is my first post I wanted to avoid but here it is: So I installed ML successfully through unibeast with boot option PCIRootUid=0, and then multibeast kept failing and my kexts got deleted and all hell broke loose,(stuck at only one ram bank or pci configuration begin, and nothing helped) so...