1. tlockett

    OS X & Clover Install on Mac transfer to PC

    Question,can you install mac OS X 10.10.x or 10.11.x on a drive with all the Clover Config.pst and EFI partition,then put it in a PC, ? Example- I install fresh OS X on a external drive connected to my MBP 2-Boot to that drive on MBP, and use clover to configure the drive 3-then install this...
  2. andreabusso

    Never find a boot flag to boot my new hack!

    Hi guys, I'm trying to fix my problems with this new Hack i'm making for a friend. I've already built an Hack for myself, so i didn't have problem fixing the boot flag or other things, but with this configuration i don't find a way. This is the configuration: Intel i3 4330 3,5 GHz Gigabyte...
  3. derekib

    [SOLVED]Error during unibeast (usb bootable creating)

    Hi, I'm trying to create an usb bootable with unibeast to install in my new build and an error ocurred during I'm creating it. I'm on MBP mid 2009 runing Mac osx 10.8.3. My machine's language = Spanish (I don't know if this can generate issues) Regards from Spain folks! This is my log: Apr...