1. B-San

    Underscan not retained after reboot with HD4600 on Mojave

    Hello all! My underscanned display resolution on my 42" Sony Bravia television does not retain after a reboot of Mojave, thus making me go to System Prefrences>Display and underscan it manually after each reboot. I'm using integrated graphics (HD4600) with HDMI output to the Sony Bravia...
  2. mpilias232

    10.12.4 update HD530 Television Support Underscan Gone

    Hello, Just before the update, under system information/graphics/ HD530 there was "television support: enabled" after the update that was gone and the underscan slider under the screen resolution option disappeared. Hot plugging doesn't work either. Just out of curiosity i installed the new...
  3. Arfer

    No underscan option

    Hi I have a AOC tv connected via HDMI and was using underscan to fit the screen. Today the option is no longer there in the display.... Any ideas ?
  4. tango76

    Stuck with monitor underscan

    Good evening, I am running El Capitan 10.11.3, using two graphic cards each connected to an monitor: a nvidia GTX760 connected to a 30" monitor and a GTX950 connected to an Acer B326HK 4k monitor. Until yesterday always had always worked perfectly, and I could get the native 4k resolution at...
  5. dangertrouble

    Configure HDMI signal????

    I have been bashing my head against the wall on this one for a long time. I have the problem where my LCD TV display resolution is messed up. at 1080p it either shows black borders all the way around with overscan turned off or the image is too big to fit the screen with overscan turned on. In...