ultrawide monitors

  1. victoriel

    screen display bug after wake up mac

    Hello, I have a NUC8i3BEH with 2 SSD crucial + x2 RAM Crucial 2400MHZ DDR4, When i wake up my hackintosh he do this bug/flash every 2 seconds. And if i unplug HDMI to another display i have the same bug with a blackscreen and whiteNoise. See the vidéo uploaded on ultrawide (2560x1080) ...
  2. gobennyb

    LG 34UC88 monitor not showing correct resolution

    Hello, I recently installed macOS Sierra (10.12.3) on my desktop computer. My monitor has a native resolution of 3440x1440, except despite my best efforts, I can't get the OS to recognize/use it. I've tried posts like this one (the effects of which are still in place btw) as well as SwitchResX...
  3. Jemm

    Blurry text in 2560 x 1080 res using LG 25UM64 with Nvidia 8800 GTS

    2 older systems using DFI Bloodiron EO 35 and Gigabyte EP 45- both boot 10.9 (no updates) The Monitor: LG 25UM64 Ultrawide display - 2 HDMI, 1 DP -Display port, 1 DVI-D port. Monitor keeps asking for 2560 x 1080 - do it but the text is not crisp. 8800GTS, OSX Preferences display choices...