uefi bios

  1. kerwinwwwwwww

    Unable to open UEFI / BIOS Settings after installation

    After installing OSX 10.15.6 on ASUS PRIME B250m-plus. I reboot and press F2 or DEL to try to access UEFI BIOS.And I got a black screen. Other than that, everything works fine. When I remove the M.2 SSD and SATA SSD, it works fine. (I have two SSDs, and whoever has the clover EFI installed in...
  2. Mom

    Problem With UEFI bios

    Hello, I have a problem with UEFI. Before this problem I install mac os High Sierra on my system and working 2 or 3 months but when os have a problem and don't boot I make a decision to reinstall mac, then I download unibeast and repeat again all level, after restart my system and go in bios to...
  3. Panamaker

    Lenovo T430 BIOS settings

    Hello everyone! I performed all initial steps based on this great guideline, however, unfortunately, could not boot my laptop from UniBeast-ed USB drive. Could someone please help me with UEFI BIOS settings for my Lenovo T430? I wonder how to tune it up properly for this particular laptop...
  4. ajd2011

    [Solved] 10.14 now can't boot from SSD whilst plugged into any mb sata slots

    Hi there, Got an interesting problem which I can't resolve. My first Hackintosh has been solid for a number of years and through many updates. It's a Gigabyte Z77-DS3H motherboard, a 4770K i7 processor, Gigabyte GTX760 graphics card and i'm running 10.14. For the first time in a while, I...
  5. End3rPower50

    How to install MacOS Mojave on my Hp 15-ay034nl

    Hi, I Would like to install MacOS Mojave on my hp's notebook, can you help me please? This is my PC: -Intel core i7 6500U 2,50Ghz Skylake -Ram 12gb ddr4 2133MHz -Intel hd graphics 520 & AMD radeon r7 m340 -Ethernet Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller -Bluetooth and Wifi Broadcom 43412 (I know...
  6. PacDeMan

    Simple question, answer fast!

    Hi, I have a legacy Win 10 copy installed on my computer. I want to install hackintosh using clover/unibeast using the uefi settings. Iknow that I won't be able to start my windows from clover. But if i choose the boot device in bios between the two hardrives I will be able to start windows 10...
  7. LoveBelow

    [HELP] Sierra won't boot from SSD

    Hello, I'm a newbie Hackintosh builder trying to dual-boot Sierra and Windows 10 on a Samsung Evo 850 250GB. I was able to install Sierra (yay) but after I run Multibeast and eject the USB installer, when I try to boot Sierra from my SSD it only loads halfway on the black Apple screen before...
  8. alinach

    Recovery HD MacPro5,1 TyMCEDriver Fix HELP

    Hey I recently wanted a fresh install of Sierra 10.12.6 and I did everything is working fine but my plan is to use File Vault thus I HAVE TO be able to boot on the Recovery Partition and because I'm using the MacPro 5,1 SMBIOS I need to either delete the AppleTyMCEDriver.kext or patch it with...
  9. PacDeMan

    Can't Reach The Bootloader

    Hello, as the title says I'm struggling reaching the bootloader. I've booth used Clover and Unibeast in every possible configuration, (both for MBR and gpt) both UEFI and LEGACY. Both formatted in different MBR and GPT tried booth of them. And yes i've tried using both F11 to choose what device...
  10. miquael

    On USB Sierra boot, get "error: malformed file"

    I went thru all the steps to put Sierra on a USB stick to install on my custom ASUS, but when I try to boot off the USB, I get "error: malformed file" on the screen (and "press any key to continue"). And that is it. I carefully followed these instructions...
  11. ComixsYT

    UEFI Drive with Clover Not Showing up.

    Hello! So last night I had gotten to the install OSX screen on my Hackintosh, and I had a black out while setting up osx (literally as I selected my language). When we got the power back, my BIOS and boot menu could not see the UEFI boot drive with clover. It can still see the drive itself, not...
  12. leotecasi

    Boot failure message on UEFI bios but boot is working fine.

    So just got a Gigagyte b75m-ud3 with uefi bios, installed everything perfectly with unibeast and mountain lion, everything is working fine. ....EXCEPT everytime I boot there's this "BOOT FAILURE"message from bios. I don't know hot get rid of this, because i have any problems at all with boot...
  13. jmj75

    Clover + GA-Z68XP-UD3 with UEFI Bios (iMessage Fix) question

    Hi, I've been trying to set-up Clover on a USB stick to boot my 10.8.2 GA-Z68XP-UD3 system with GA's UEFI BIOS, in order to restore iMessage and Facetime connectivity. I've been following the thread http://www.tonymacx86.com/general-help/84047-imessage-wont-work.html. Although there's a lot...
  14. Kevin_801

    GIGABYTE UEFI BIOs (does it need a DSDT??)

    i was reading this article here: http://gigabytedaily.blogspot.com/2012/04/gigabyte-uefi-bios-perfect-fit-for.html im not so much of a computer geek(so i didnt quite understand this), but just to get this straight, i dont need a DSDT, so i can get (almost any type) of hardware without much...
  15. alozanoMAC

    GA-Z68AP-D3 Rev 2.0 UEFI Bios constant panic

    Full install, 10.8 after Multibeast i'm unable to boot. Get panic with cpu reference.