1. Aldaro

    [GUIDE] Multibooting Windows after macOS, and Linux have already been installed

    Multibooting: Installing Windows on your already setup hack Introduction: So, you just got your new hack up, and running eh? Of course, you have macOS working, and may've also installed your linux distribution of choice, but what about Windows? For many, having Windows around is a very...
  2. Douirc

    Help replacing Ubuntu with macOS on a Windows 10 dual boot

    Hi everyone, Can you please recommend steps or point me to a guide on how to safely replace my existing Ubuntu installation with macOS without disrupting my Windows 10 installation? Partition 1: /dev/sda1 555MB NTFS MSFT Windows Recovery Environment (System) Partition 2: /dev/sda2 105MB FAT32...
  3. batuhang

    Installing Ubuntu after Hackintosh

    I want to install Ubuntu with dual boot on my Dell Inspiron 3521 (with MacOS Mojave) but I have questions. As you might know, Ubuntu has its own bootloader, GRUB and it can be a pain in the... I don't want that to happen and I want to use Clover Bootloader after installing Ubuntu too. What...
  4. HPRG

    [Solved] Hackintosh messed up after Ubuntu installation

    Yesterday, when I installed Ubuntu, somehow it's boot-loader got installed inside the SSD that was holding macOS High Sierra 10.13.6. (I think it overwrote my EFI settings for macOS, and I couldn't boot into macOS after that). I deleted the Ubuntu partition using windows OS which was inside...
  5. nicholasandrien

    Grub overwrites Clover when install Ubuntu

    I have been running Mac and Windows smoothly all this time, and I wanted to get my hands dirty by trying to triple boot Mac Ubuntu and Windows. I have 1 drive that is specifically for mac, 1 drive I set a partition for windows, a partition for MAC HFS, and the other partition was set for Ubuntu...
  6. aflahkp

    Dual booting Hackintosh with ubuntu causes Internet connectivity issues in Ubuntu

    Guys. I have installed macOS High Sierra in a Gigabyte GT1 based i3 Desktop. For getting ethernet working I installed lspci and Hackintosh Network Solution pkg in macOS. Now ethernet is working fine in macOS. But when is switch back to Ubuntu(Its dual boot), Ubuntu can connect to network, but...
  7. mcmayer

    Grub takes over after Ubuntu install

    This has been discussed a lot, already, but I'm still not sure what exactly to do after grub takes over... So, after installing the newest Ubuntu (18.04 LTS) - which didn't go smoothly at all and required several attempts of formatting what later turned out to be a brand new yet faulty SSD -...
  8. DaniRCDE

    QuadBoot questions

    Hi all, I have some questions obout multi booting with clover. These pasts days I've been trying to install and run a Hackintosh with El Capitan in my PC and I have finally done it. But now, I want to install Ubuntu and Kali Linux too in the same drive (hdd gpt of 3TB), and the problem comes...
  9. Hackabot

    Sierra dual boot clover (Clover Legacy) does not boot Ubuntu

    Hi. I have 2 SSD drives and an old motherboard (Asus P6T, 24 RAM) that does not support UEFI. I installed Sierra on one SSD successfully and then installed Clover Legacy using Multibeast. It's working good with Sierra and Clover. Now I am trying to install Ubuntu on the second SSD with no...
  10. Coaleb

    Triple Boot Two Hard Drives

    So I want to install Ubuntu 16.04, Windows 10, and Sierra onto 1 SSD and 1 HDD. I have Windows 10 Installed on the ssd and I want that to stay like it is if possible. The Hard drive has 3 partitions right now one for Sierra, 1 for storage, and 1 I'm wanting to use for linux. How would I go about...
  11. np112983

    Triple Boot Ubuntu 17.04, Sierra, Windows 10

    Hello everyone, So I recently upgraded from a triple boot using chimera with windows 10, Yosemite, and Ubuntu 16.04. I am now using clover with Sierra, Windows 10, and ubuntu 17.04 on 3 independent SSDs(same as before). With all but the EFI drive unplugged(to ensure no corruption of the...
  12. PhantomR

    Install Hackintosh after Windows and Ubuntu

    Hey, I have Windows 10 and Ubuntu installed currently, and I'd like to try installing MacOS High Sierra (or Sierra). Is it possible to do this? If yes, could you, please, tell me how I should proceed? I'd really like not having to erase my hard disk (I only have ONE hard disk on the laptop I'd...
  13. fr0n1k

    Windows do not want to let the clover loading at all

    I've followed the RehabMan guide to re-name the windows bootmgfw.efi to orig, but after SINGLE launch, not the UPDATE or something else, windows overwrites this file to previous state. So, i ve come to the second part and tryes to use ubuntu, but.. After reboot, clover dissappears from boot...
  14. AEl33t

    System76 Oryx Compatibility

    Hello. I am wondering if this laptop would be able to download hackintosh. I am interested in this laptop because I need something that will be an all around good laptop. It has a great screen, a relatively good price, and I trust the brand. If you are able to find a company that uses windows...
  15. kkskks

    How can I delete grub and back to clover?

    Hi all, I was using Clover to boot my osx. I was naive. I was just curious about Ubuntu, so I tried to install Ubuntu on my usb flash drive. So, I made bootable usb stick for Ubuntu, and then installed the Ubuntu on the another usb flash drive. I chose to install bootloader on the usb flash...
  16. bt993

    Clover won't show Ubuntu install

    Hi, I just installed Ubuntu on my second SSD, but the installation does not show up in clover. I tried it with a seperate EFI partition on the Ubuntu drive and by installing the bootloader onto the same EFI partition as clover, but nothing seems to work. I also tried to put a custom entry in my...
  17. freaky2xd

    Triple Boot (macOS Sierra, Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04)

    Hey! I have a laptop with 4 hard drives in total. 2x 250GB Samsung mSATA SSDs 1x 64GB Toshiba mSATA SSD 1x 1000GB 7200RPM HDD At the moment I am running Windows 10 on the 2x250GB Samsung SSDs using a RAID0 configuration which gives read speeds up to 1GB/s which is quite nice :) The 1TB HDD is...
  18. BetoBob

    Booting Portable Linux Pendrive/USB from Clover?

    I created a bootable USB with Ubuntu 16.0.4 (GPT Bios/UEFI; portable) using rufus and I was wondering if there was some way I could configure Clover (or the OS itself) to boot Ubuntu from it. I am not planning on installing Ubuntu on my computer, I just want to boot it from the USB. The USB...
  19. Jaxalor

    PC with Mac OS X Sierra + Windows 10 + Ubuntu + (eventually Windows 7)

    Hello guys ! I came here to ask you to solve my problem, sorry if I'm not on the good forum. I would like to know if it was possible to do triple or more boots on a PC. And in which order should I install these OS ? ( Mac OS/Win10/Win7/Ubuntu) Thank you for your answers ! Have a nice day !
  20. ronniekinsley

    dd'd Ubuntu installation's image back to HDD Clover legacy

    Hi, I dd'd my Ubuntu installation's img back to a partition in my HDD. How do I make Clover Legacy to discover that and let me boot into it? I have a GPT partition scheme and the image was made from an MBR based ext4 partition