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  1. RyanKluff

    USB Mouse/Keyboard Turn On Computer

    Hey guys, I just built my first ever computer and got everything to work including installing High Sierra, except for my computer to stay fully shut down. I can turn the Computer on and off, but when I turn the computer off, I can click the mouse or a key on the keyboard and the computer turns...
  2. johnap987

    [Solved] Turn on by keyboard or mouse (usb)

    [SOLVED] Turn on by keyboard or mouse (usb) - SOLVED Hi everyone, In my last build I used Asus sabertooth z97 mark 2 MB. Everything is working pretty well. I noticed that I'm able to turn hack by just pressing the keyboard or a mouse button (usb). With Gigabyte MBs I could disable this in...
  3. ohhh07

    Hackintosh won't turn on unless unplug then plug it back in

    Hi everyone, I am new to community and I have successfully built my first Hackintosh running 10.9.1 Mavericks! It's running fine its just that when i shut it down it wont turn back on unless i unplug the power cord then plug it back in. Also when it goes to sleep I am forced to do the same...
  4. bushplum1

    [SOLVED] Network Card Won't "Turn On"

    I spent at least 8 hours trying to get Wifi to work on Mountain Lion 10.8 without any success. Only when I started to write post on this forum to ask for advice did i solve it. I have 2 native cards a WDN4800 and a WL-138G V2. Both of them were recognised without the need for installing kexts...