turn off computer

  1. Ernestocarvajal

    My Hackintosh gets stuck when turning off or rebooting it

    I've recently created my Hackintosh pc with macOs Mojave. Y downloaded the drivers on Multibeast and my Hackintosh was working perfectly, but when I turn it off or reboot it, it starts loading (the normal load that makes every Mac when it is turning off), but in stead of loading and then turning...
  2. RyanKluff

    USB Mouse/Keyboard Turn On Computer

    Hey guys, I just built my first ever computer and got everything to work including installing High Sierra, except for my computer to stay fully shut down. I can turn the Computer on and off, but when I turn the computer off, I can click the mouse or a key on the keyboard and the computer turns...
  3. Mantrel

    Mountain Lion only boot with pen drive boot and -v option

    I made a flawless install of ML no big deal, but when i finish install and boot, only boots with -v option and after install multi beast its freeze at apple logo. On lion everything install and work 101% I7 DH55tc Nvidia GT 520 16gb memory Greetings from Brazil