1. GabrielKLBr

    Someone helps me with audio on Asus P8H61-M LX3 R2.0

    So for start I have Hackintosh BigSur on I5 3470 with OpenCore works just Ethernet and I tried literally EVRYTHING to the audio works. And nothing works. Someone can help me with this?
  2. maxdjr

    Need help replacing broken EFI on boot drive from USB (can only get into recovery mode)

    Hi there, Today, I tried to update OpenCore and made all the changes needed to the config.plist and all the kexts and drivers. I am not updating the OS and am sticking with Catalina 10.15.7 I realised I made a mistake with the configuration but I can't get back into macOS to replace the EFI...
  3. Arkadelic

    Help: Black screen on monitor when increasing refresh rate above 120hz?

    I recently upgraded to a dual monitor setup w/ an older LG Ultrawide (on HDMI), and a newer Gigabyte M27Q (On DP). The monitors function well together, colour is good, but I can't push the refresh rate on the M27Q above 120hz (119.88hz) without getting a black screen on the M27Q. Display...
  4. AkagiShou

    [Help] Realtek Alc274 no sound

    hello, I tried to patch AppleHDA using AppleAlc. The audio can be detected, and when the earphone is plugged in it can also be detected and switched to automatically, but both have no sound, while the fixed microphone can work all the time. I tried for days googling for solutions but unluckily...
  5. ShalevElmakaies


    I Followed the opencore guide from dortania and got stuck on "acpi error method parse/execution failed..." tried troubleshooting but I'm kind of a noob at this so I need some help... :/ I Attached my latest debug log and my efi folder... Help would be amazing!
  6. misterodri

    Toshiba Portégé A30-C-1d0 (90% done without doing almost anything).

    Hello everyone. I know this can sound like a joke, but recently, I bought a Toshiba Portégé A30-C-1d0 for like a 400 bucks and let me tell you, it works flawlessly (except brightness (what I'm asking for help) and Wi-Fi)... To solve Wi-Fi, I ordered a compatible chipset from AliExpress for a...
  7. belgarionx

    First time with Hackintosh, need help with some issues.

    Hi, I've been using Hackintosh for a few days; and while I can use it, it wasn't really great. I used Clover to install Mojave. My system is: * Intel i5-6600K (+ HD 530 iGPU) * AMD R9 390 (Sapphire Nitro) * 8GB DDR4 RAM * ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming AMD card is connected to my first monitor with...
  8. ColeSkory

    All of the sudden, Hackintosh won't boot. Can't even get to Clover Boot Screen

    I had my Hackintosh system working 100% percent. Graphics were working, I had iMessage and facetime, it was the whole deal. Last night, my computer was going slow and kept freezing up whenever I did any small task, so I restarted it. However, when it booted back up, It would boot straight back...
  9. samuelcirne

    << Solved >> Mojave Problems

    Hello Guys. Newbie here. Thanks in advance for all the support given along these last years in the forum. I still remember when I first tried to install Hackintosh on a Vaio 10 years ago and didn't really succeed when it came down to graphic issues. I spent (or invested) some big amount of...
  10. collintherealtor

    << Solved >> PLEASE HELP!! Dell Optiplex 790, stuck on apple logo on first boot

    Please Help! First Hackintosh build, I have a Dell Optiplex 790 which I’ve read everywhere is compatible. I’m attempting to install Mac OS X Sierra. I made my bootable drive using my 2014 MacBook Air. I’ve done almost everything I can think of. It only has Intel HD graphics, no dedicated gpu...
  11. denny76

    Q: Asus Z87-Pro + onboard Bluetooth + sleep?

    Is anybody still running Mohave on this mo-bo? The question I have is regarding built-in bluetooth/wifi combo AR9642. Is it possible to use the on-board bluetooth (nevermind the wi-fi) yet have a fully working sleep behavior? Everything works fine for me except from that. When I exclude built in...
  12. Dasbrit

    Preview Freezes

    I just a fresh in install of Mojave, everything is stable, however any time I try to open an image in Preview the program freezes. I can get it open PDFs and one other .PNG file to open, also if I open a PDF and then Tumbnails, I can place an image in there with no issue. I've tried doing...
  13. Jippa_Lippa

    Identifying what's wrong with my machine [URGENT]

    Hello. I had the hackintosh with my curent hardware since 2014: MSI Z97 Gaming 5 (With appropriate BIOS settings) Intel Core i7 4790K 32GB DDR3 G.Skill Ram (actual) 2133 MHz Gigabyte GTX 980 Gaming G1 4GB GDDR5 Mac OS 10.13.6 High Sierra (Used Yosemite and Sierra previously) A Windows 10...
  14. CookieCoder

    [Solved] Hackingtosh install stuck on Apple Logo. (Mac OS High Sierra)

    EDIT: This problem is now SOLVED. It turns out I forgot to enable XHCI Hand-off is Enabled in my BIOS. Thanks to BreBo for this fix. Hello, I have a computer with the following specs: Intel i7-7700K GTX 1070 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB), PC4-19200 (2400MHz) DDR4 Multiple SSDs and HDDs...
  15. A-Cortex

    Troubleshooting Black Screen with Nvidia Driver

    Hi Guys, yesterday I did a reinstallation of my MacOS, installation and everything worked as planned, I did the installation of the Nvidia Driver for my 1080Ti to work again. Today I turned on High Sierra again, after login it froze. On restart it gave me only blackscreen. Can't boot HS...
  16. guinoir

    [HELP] Intel HD Graphics 3000 only works with 1366x768 on safe boot

    I don't know if this title is big, btw Hi guys I'm having a little problem my hackintosh just runs the intel hd graphics 3000 with inject intel off and safe boot, if not like this, the graphics just works with 3 MB VRAM with less of 1280x720 Processor: i3-2310M Sandy Bridge 2.10 GHz 500 GB HDD...
  17. ThePromisedEnd

    Having trouble with mac os high sierra booting

    Hello guy this is my first build and my first hackintosh Computer Parts i7 3770k asrock z77 mobo evga 1080 I turned these bios setting off serial i/o VD-T Intel Virtualization Tech My problem is that when I use the UEFI on the USB to boot it up to the apple logo loading screen it starts...
  18. ExportohExport

    [Solved] Pinwheel Freeze with Graphics Card on High Sierra Build

    Hello everyone, first time builder here and I could use some help. I've built my first CustoMac Pro but my screen is freezing when trying to boot up with my graphics card enabled. Everything was working pretty well except my EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 SC was only showing 256mb of VRAM. I followed...
  19. seanmusic

    First time Hackintosh, Install Sierra stuck at Apple Logo with prohibited sign.

    Hey everyone, New to Hackintoshing, this is my first build and I've looked through the forums and seen other people with the same issue but cannot find fixes. Basically when I try to install Sierra using Unibeast/Multibeast flash drive, I can select the USB drive to install Sierra, it loads...
  20. SilverVahnrin2334

    [Help] Z370 and Coffee Lake Issues

    Hi, I Have an MSI SLI Plus Z370, i7-8700K, and an MSI GTX 1080ti Armor 8G OC. I'm having issues with the error "couldn't allocate runtime area" During boot. I've tried many clover options but I can't boot after I enable Nvidia web drivers. I've tried replacing VBoxHfs-64.efi with HFSPlus.efi in...