triple boot

  1. Subdian

    Add nvme linux booot option to existing mac os & wind10 dualboot

    Hi all, I have a (quite old) setup from 2015. I followed this build: And it has served me well. I still use it as my daily machine, mac os (with ubuntu vm) for work and...
  2. MPG951

    How to go from dual boot to triple boot sierra+windows+mojave?

    I currently have Sierra + Windows on separate SSD drives since 2016. What would be the process for installing Mojave on a third internal SSD. I tried installing mojave to an external SSD but I could not finish the install process as the bootloader does not show the Mojave SSD after restarting...
  3. Toni2050

    Setting Up Triple Boot Hackintosh!

    Hello good people, I'm new in the field of Hackintosh. And I would like to setup a triple boot laptop for learning and coding purposes. I mean, I would like to run Windows, Kali and macOS Catalina in a single laptop. As I'm not aware of the problems that can arise or how to do this setup and...
  4. naderabdalghani

    Can't boot into Ubuntu through Clover

    I've recently installed Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04 and macOS Mojave 10.14.5 on my laptop single 1TB HDD. I'm using Clover bootloader to triple boot the 3 OSes. Windows and macOS boot just fine, but the only way to successfully boot into Ubuntu is from the BIOS boot menu. If I try booting Ubuntu...
  5. CnCvsCnC

    Triple Boot separate drives, extra drives only for Windows?

    Hi! I wanna build a Triple Boot (OSX HS, W10, Ubuntu) on separate drives with extra drives for media and games that are visible only to the Windows OS. SSD1: OSX HS SSD2 + HDD 1 + HDD2: WINDOWS 10 SSD3: Ubuntu Is that possible? How should I proceed? Thank you!
  6. Fadedboy

    Triple booting my gaming pc

    I recently made my gaming pc and i would like to have an accurate and up to date way to triple boot my pc with windows 10 (already installed), ubuntu budgie and Mac os high sierra. If you need more info just ask me. Edit: i might not reply for a while it is 00:13 am in my region
  7. Gust-X

    First time building a computer

    Hello, Having never built a computer before i am wondering if this is too big of a risk, I am considering building a hackintosh considering the advantages of having powerful hardware along with access to multiple macos here are a list of some things i hope to be able to do/use Unreal...
  8. aydin55

    Triple Boot Mac OS X Sierra and Win10 and Mac OS X Snow leopard

    Hi my freinds I want to install snow leopard, Windows 10, and Sierra onto 1 HDD. I have Windows 10 and sierra Installed and I want that to installed snow leopard Is it possible? The Hard drive has 3 partitions right now one for Sierra, 1 for win10, and 1 I'm wanting to use for snow leopard...
  9. nonkronk

    How to “reboot” instead of “restart” on Hackintosh (UEFI triple boot with Linux & Windows)

    Sorry for bit confusing title, let me explain. Currently i have triple boot OS installed on my ASUS X450JF machine, OS X El Capitan, Kali Linux 2017.1, & Windows 10 Creator Update on single 850 EVO SSD using Clover Bootloader of course. Everything seems work perfectly as expected. But I have a...
  10. freaky2xd

    Triple Boot (macOS Sierra, Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04)

    Hey! I have a laptop with 4 hard drives in total. 2x 250GB Samsung mSATA SSDs 1x 64GB Toshiba mSATA SSD 1x 1000GB 7200RPM HDD At the moment I am running Windows 10 on the 2x250GB Samsung SSDs using a RAID0 configuration which gives read speeds up to 1GB/s which is quite nice :) The 1TB HDD is...
  11. suxrobxxl

    Linux boot problem in legacy triple boot

    Hello everyone Have an old PC and wanted to build a triple boot system. Configurations: A-bit IX38 QuadGT (LGA775) Core2Quad Q6600 Geforce 9800GT DDR2 2x2Gb two HDDs - 1st 320GB 2nd 1TB (for data storing) disconnected 1. In OSX install menu with diskutility I formatted 1st HDD to GPT and...
  12. Laxius

    Triple boot Mint(Ubuntu),OSx and Windows 10- 2 MBR Drives

    Hello,I have a rather complicated system which somehow works fine...and I want to have a shot at Hackintosh, I have a: -SSD Drive,MBR Scheme with Windows 10 on it,2 partitions:Recovery for Windows 10 and Windows 10 -HDD ,MBR Scheme with 2 partitions:Windows 10 Data partition,and Linux Mint...
  13. suxrobxxl

    Triple-booting on separate drives Windows 7 & Ubuntu & OSX (el capitan)

    Hello everyone! Need a help for triple-booting. I have PC from jurassic period which is lying uselessly. So I decided to build triple boot PC for emergency needs. My dinosaur's configurations: A-bit IX38 Quad GT (Legacy) Core2Quad Q6600 4gb RAM WDGreen 320GB (OSX) WDBlue 320GB (Windows 7)...
  14. sirciori

    Hackintosh advice for my build

    These are my specs: CPU: i5-4460 VGA: MSI GTX 960 2GB MOBO: MSI H97 PC Mate RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB(2x4GB) DDR3 CL9 HDD: WD 1TB 64MB 3.5" PSU: XFX 550W TS 80+ Bronze This is what is inside my HDD: efi partition - windows - ubuntu - linux swap - data (I am using ubuntu grub to dualboot) I am...
  15. LoicRock

    Boot options arch linux

    Hi , I need to add boot options to arch linux but I can't find where I can add it . I'm on triple boot Windows 10 / El capitan / Arch Linux . Thanks.
  16. rafamundez

    Triple Boot (Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04, El Capitan 10.11.4 )

    Hey guys! I'm planning on also doing a triple boot hackintosh with a Skylake system. I want to install the OSs on a 512 M.2 NVMe SSD. Any suggestions as to the order of install? I know people have said that order doesn't matter but what order do you guys think would be the easiest? Right...
  17. lunar681

    First Hackintosh: Stuck on Apple Splash Screen - Snow Leopard Install

    When attempting to install Snow Leopard 10.6.3, I am able to get to the splash screen; however, it never moves past that point. Hardware: Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H97M-D3H (LGA1150) Processor: Intel Core i3-4170, 3.7 GHZ, 3MB Cache, LGA1150 Hard Drive: Seagate 80 GB (Already formatted for Mac...
  18. johntys3

    Getting ready for my first build

    MY BACKGROUND I'm getting ready to do my first computer build from scratch, I have some experience with hardware upgrades (memory, storage, optical drives, usb ports), but I have always been able to find a pre-built system that suited my needs until now. I have not dealt much directly with the...

    Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 on existing triple boot with clover in EFI

    Hey everyone! Thank you for the help @nguyenmac sorting out the triple boot a while back. So her's what I have: Triple boot PB 4540s with 10.10.5, Windows 7 Ultimate x64, and Ubuntu all installed in EFI on single hard drive with clover as my bootloader. Everything works well, and everything is...

    My triple boot config.plist is messed up...

    So here goes.. I have an HP Probook 4540s currently in a dual boot with OSX 10.10.3 and Windows 7. I use Clover as a bootloader from EFI. I have created a new ext4 partition, installed Mint Linux on it and installed the Linux bootloader to the EFI partition. I can successfully boot Windows and...