1. BrunoBVM

    QuickLook trim video missing for some files.

    I've upgraded my hackintosh from High Sierra to Catalina, so I could use my desktop to trim some mp4 video files, but some of them don't have the option even though I am able to trim them in my MacBook. EDIT: MacBook Pro Mid 2010 running Mojave This video can't be trimmed in the hackintosh...
  2. brownknee

    (RESOLVED) Slow boot on apple logo 10.13.6

    Hello, I've had my hackintosh running for a few months now just fine, but it is starting to boot really slowly recently. I've looked and tried a few fixes, that shaved off about half of the loading time, but now Im stuck. I've disabled TRIM added config.plist/Boot/Debug=false Initially the...
  3. fill0r4

    Unable to boot without the USB

    Hi everyone! I've finally installed macOS on my system by UniBeast 10.0 and all work fine (audio, wifi, ethernet etc) there's only 1 issue: I can't boot without the usb installer. Searched on the internet for a fix and I founded out that I need to copy my EFI Folder from the usb to the SSD, so I...
  4. Andyapple

    TRIM Spaceman trim free blocks - SLOW Boot Time

    Hi, I am using Mojave on my Acer Laptop and Everything works fine. I have noticed that Boot is a bit slow (30 seconds); Booting in verboose mode with -v in clover, i have seen this text spaceman_trim_free_blocks:3327 scan took 10.378140 s, trims took 10.074028 So this process took 10 seconds...
  5. konayuki

    TRIM support in Mojave

    Hello. Recently, I installed my Mojave on to my Samsung 860 EVO 500Gb SSD. I am running it without TRIM and wondering what to do. In the forum, there are mixed views about this, I perceive. Some say that it is OK to keep SSD in non-TRIM mode in Mojave. I think there is a 2x2 scenario combo...
  6. thegreatnorth

    Enable Trim in Mojave?

    I have just performed a clean install of Mojave and finished up with MultiBeast 10.4.0 and everything seems to be working fine. The guide didn't mention anything about enabling Trim afterwards? I thought I read somewhere that Trim is no longer needed with APFS? Do I need to enable Trim? Thanks
  7. gorila

    TRIM problems in Mojave Beta

    On my NUC I have both 10.13 and 10.14 Beta on two separate disks: 1. Mojave Beta 5 on Kingston SH103S3120G 2. High Sierra 10.13.5 on Crucial CT256M550SSD3 Both disks use APFS. My other hardware is presented in my profile. Clover is on High Sierra disk. Both OSs are sharing exactly the same...
  8. N

    Is my trim "really" enabled ?

    As you can see in pictures, in clover is ticked disable, but in system information says enabled. What is the correct ?
  9. powerpcg5

    SSD Beginner -- 850 EVO, need Trim?

    Hey all, just got my first SSD drive and an OWC MacPro Mount. I tried a search but can't find an exact scenario to my question. I will be using this 500GB drive as the future home for my Windows 10 Parallels VM image. So basically, just using this SSD as a data drive, and not a boot/system...
  10. ehuijs

    Trim support before installing

    Maybe this has been covered in another topic, but I have not found an answer to my question yet... I have installed Sierra on my Hackintosh onto an SSD. First thing I did after installing the OS was enabling trim support (using the Trimforce enable command). My question is: is it possible (and...
  11. Kositch

    Trim in Multibeast 9.0.1 not found - how enable?

    Hi, I have successfully installed Hackintosh using Unibeast on my configuration Gigabyte z87m-d3h + Core i54470K + NVIDIA GTX960. Version of OS is 10.12.2. In post-install I have configured Multibeast 9.0.1 but in Disk section there was no option to enable Trim. My SSD is Kingston SSDNow V300...
  12. ianduarte


    As said, I had success installing Sierra with Clover on my hackintosh. Everything works as supposed, USB 2 and 3, Nvidia GTX 980 Ti, mouse, keyboard, but the thing is: "sudo trim force enable" doesn't turn on my trim support, and TRIM ENABLER doesn't work either. Trim was Enable in Yosemite, so...
  13. gkontos

    Sierra SSD trim

    Hello, I bought a SanDisk SSD Plus 480GB and I was wondering if I need to enable trim with "sudo trimforce enable". I have not seen any relevant thread regarding Sierra and Trim support. Thanks
  14. alexramone

    [SOLVED] sudo trimforce enable not working

    I always use Trim in my Sandisk Extreme SSD, but in Sierra don't activate. * I've updated from El Capitan (was working)
  15. carmelovazzana

    SSD RAID TRIM problem.

    [HELP] SSD RAID TRIM problem. Hi everyone, as you can see from my configuration i've installed 2x Sandisk x300 512GB SSD's, the old one i use for OSX is already configured to support trim, but the new RAID is still un-configured, how should i proceed? Thanks in advance. :thumbup:
  16. rahuliscool


    I was just wondering whether Trim should be enabled for SSD in my EI Capitan hackintosh installation. I read somewhere that Non-Apple TRIM Enabler is no longer needed. Apple has relented and put in a way to enable TRIM on Third-party drives. But I am worried about my SSD's reliability. Also...
  17. pizzaguy

    Mavericks- Enable TRIM, but lose sound???

    My board, a Z87X-OC, runs the alc892 sound codec on Mav 10.9.5. However, after a recent bout of stupidity which required me to recover my main disk from a clone, I'm not having any luck in enabling TRIM without losing my sound. Upon cloning back from the safety disk, sound works fine but...
  18. conrad

    TRIM enable in El Capitan

    Hey guys.. im wondering if we need TRIM in El Capitan? looks like i has been removed in multibeast?
  19. glassman2004

    Multibeast 8 not activating TRIM support

    Not sure if this is a bug or a feature. I have installed El Capitan on a well established system. Was running Mavericks; reformatted SSD and clean installed El Capitan using latest Unibeast 6.1 and Multibeast 8.0 Everything seems to be working well so far Except: System Report - Hardware -...
  20. antoniomax

    TRIM SSD - Clover help

    Hey guys! I have enabled trim using clover using this info: If you use Clover Configurator you can follow this steps: go to Kernel and Kext Patches add a new row in name put IOAHCIBlockStorage in find hex put 004150504C452053534400 in replace hex put 0000000000000000000000 in comment you can...