trash can

  1. thingamagid

    Selling my late Mac Pro 2013 and building a Hackintosh, need advice.

    Hey guys, I love the Mac Pro 2013 despite every one who has other opinions. I think it is genius design. But I want to get more bang for my buck. I like the AMD Firepro d500 but I feel like I would get more performance out of Nvidia Geforce since that works well with my editing programs...
  2. naut

    Cable advice

    Hi all, I am building a trashcan build, mine is alittle different than the small ones I am using a 6770K, and a full size ATX asus z170 pro gaming, 32gb ram, water cooling, etc. This will be all stainless steel and little aluminum for fan support. My question: I am looking for a pcie to mini...