1. kittenyang

    Can this computer configuration install Hackintosh?

    Hey guys, here is my computer's hardware configuration. I did a lot of work trying to install Hackintosh on it but always fails. Can my computer install Hackintosh? My computer configurations are below. ---------------------------- Model Dell Precision Tower 5810 Tower CPU Intel XeonE5-2620...
  2. TylerHuston

    Case question

    Does anyone have experience building with the Apevia X-Infinity mid tower case? I’m guessing it’s fine for building a Custo Mac Pro, but I don’t wanna take any chances. This is my first build. Link below. Thanks.
  3. HackaShaq

    [Success] GIGABYTE Z370 Gaming 7 + Intel Core i7-8700K + RX 580 + (2x) Dell P2715Q 4k @ 60Hz

    HackaShaq's "2018 Mac Pro Replacement" Build: Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming 7 - i7-8700K - RX 580 IMPORTANT NOTE: This guide was written with a fresh install of macOS High Sierra 10.13.4. (I have since updated to High Sierra 10.13.5 without any issues whatsoever.) I just wanted to stress that...
  4. artemartemov

    Video Machine Suggestions

    Hey there, I am looking to do a CustoMac build for a friend who specializes in video editing and post production work. His budget is around $3000 give or take. If we were to really push it, what would you guys recommend?
  5. RyanNSkolnick

    Is My Custom Tower Compatible?

    I've tried installing OSX on my home tower multiple times and it always seemed like I was a few things off from getting it to work right. Either the internet didn't work, the graphics failed, or the audio wasn't up. I was wondering if it's fully compatible, and if so, if someone could help me...
  6. HowFunnny

    Petition For Apple to Bring Back The Tower Mac Pro! Although the 2013 Apple Mac Pro has a revolutionary design and incredible functionality, it doesn't satisfy professionals needs which is what it is built for. We all know Apple is trying to push Thunderbolt external drives and...