touch screen

  1. jezzalencko9

    Keyboard erroneous symbols issue

    Hi, I'm running high sierra and have a strange recurring issue whereby my keyboard will start behaving with every key being a replaced with a different really weird symbol/letter. I use a WACOM DTH-2420 and I find it normally happens when I'm working in Manga Studio Debut 4 (drawing program)...
  2. Victorlee

    Cannot use touch screen in XPS 15 7590 in Catalina

    I recently installed Catalina 10.15.5 in my XPS 7590.Anything worked perfectly except touch screen. I had put following kext in c/k/o: VoodooI2C VoodooI2CHID Can anyone help me please?
  3. Victorlee

    Is toughbook CF-C2 his controller is i2c or not?

    I’m going to buy a new Panasonic Toughbook CF-C2 I want to know whether the hid controller of CF-C2 is i2c or not
  4. speedyrazor

    [solved] HD 4400 Graphics not working correctly

    Hi, I have a Dell XPS 13" 9333 with HD 4400 graphics. I have a lot of stuff working, and some stuff not: Working: Wifi (BCM94352Z) Bluetooth Trackpad Not Working: Graphics (glitchy, only showing 7MB) Sound Touch Screen (Synaptics) I am a bit stuck, at least with Graphics and sound, if someone...
  5. NativeX

    Buying a touch screen laptop: Where do I begin?

    As the title suggests I'm thinking of buying a touch laptop that will work well with OSX. The primary reason is to use it with a recording interface running mainstage so I can easily control things while performing live. I've seen a couple proof of concept-esk videos on youtube with varying...
  6. Link12765

    Surface Pro 2 Hackintosh pen and touch El Capitan

    So I have managed to install El Capitan on my surface pro 2 and everything works except the wifi and bluetooth... as expected. I'm not asking for the kext files for the wireless card because quite frankly I have given up hope on anyone making a kext for it. An unexpected finding to my hackintosh...
  7. serialmdk

    Wacom drivers for hp elitebook 2760p running Yosemite

    for the life of me i cannot find drivers for my laptop touch screen. can anyone help me with this problem. i did get pen support working on mavericks but never touch. on a different note has anyone successfully installed el capital on a 2760p? every time i install i get greyscale bars across my...
  8. fury88

    Lenovo A700 IdeaCentre - Touchscreen support?

    Hi All, I spent a lot of time over the weekend reading threads and downloading files and got my Lenovo A700 up and running rather quickly. The only thing that I can't get recognized is the TouchScreen. I seen a lot of various posts but nothing solid as far as getting this to work. I installed...
  9. jasonbond

    Cool DRIVE BAYS?? touch screen fan controllers etc let me know

    Hello I want to add some cool things to my case drive bays. I was thinking of Dual slimline slot-loading in one 5.25 bay also a fan controller with lights (touch screen maybe) or something that controls multimedia like this looked at reviews for this...