1. TheMacUser

    Update Tools and Software

    Can you guys please update the software, kext´s and tools to latest versions ? They are all outdated. Or you give us users the option to upload new versions and you make them public after approval ? Best regards
  2. lihaoyun6

    [TOOL] VGTab: Control your Vega in macOS without flashing the vBios

    Now you can control your Vega on macOS without flashing the vBios As we know, the Vega graphics cards have native support in macOS HighSierra and Mojave. emmm...and some glitch :( But AMD uses a function called "SoftPowerPlayTable" to control the Vega cards. "Soft" means it can be stored in the...
  3. anita432tyler

    Designing Clover theme. Possibility to view changes without reset.

    Hello everyone :D Have you ever saw tool to designing themes? I'm asking about possibility to view changes without reset computer again and again... and again :banghead:
  4. wajdideutscher

    ASUS X555LA with Hackintosh?

    Hey guys, so this is my first post here, and I want to know few things from you so we can exchange experiences. So at first I've been searching and figuring out ways to install Hackintosh for my ASUS X555LA (It said X555L only) Laptop. Finally I did install Hackintosh, but what happens is that...
  5. bensge

    [Beta release] NativeDisplayBrightness 0.0.5 testing [updated]

    Hello everyone, After getting my brand-new hackintosh up and running, I figured it was time for a small programming project. I missed the ability to control my display brightness with the F1 / F2 keys from my MacBook, so I wrote a small application to do just that on a hackintosh. Well, I know...
  6. metacollin

    [TOOL] EFI_Mount - UUID based, works even when diskX numbers change.

    Hi, I got fed up with the inconsistent device names for drives/partitions in OS X (meaning, which disks are given which /dev/diskX device nodes are up to the whims of the SATA bus and can change with every reboot) and the absolutely terrible way Clover Configurator handles this fact. Making you...
  7. LiteGaming

    Clover UniBeast?

    UniBeast and Chimera is getting old and iMessages and other apple services are starting to resist it so i am suggesting if TonyMacx86 Community could code a Clover UniBeast? ideas: Manage the config.plist mounts efi puts kexts add the options like MultiBeast Were you can enable TRIM (Its a...
  8. weezul

    iDell 8300, OS X Mavericks 10.9.1, RME RayDAT w/ Steinberg UR824, Pro Tools 10.3.8 success.

    Pretty much does what it says on the tin. Even though they say don't install the newest update on Mavericks... solely for the fact you can't uninstall it again AFAIK... it's working like a dream for me at 32 buffer settings... Big sessions... and even running sessions on a NTFS drive with the...
  9. ketilschei

    Strange kernel error

    I just updated my build to 10.7.4. and its working flawless! More stable than ever. Though....I get this error in the console everytime Pro Tools crash: 7/24/12 10:29:39.642 AM ReportCrash: mach_vm_map failed: (os/kern) no space available Its only happening if I work with another...