1. ayz9314

    Help on No HDMI Audio after waking up from sleep

    Hello guys, I am using mac os big sur and almost everything works but after wake from sleep there is not hdmi audio but only video on tv, why? Here is attached the clover folder. Thank you
  2. ayz9314

    Why there is preboot volume for big sur and how to make it normal boot volume

    Hello everyone, I was working with Catalina and it works well but on big sur i face some problems like why I there isn't the normal boot volume of big sur on clover 5150? Why it shows the preboot volume and how to change it to the real Macintosh HD boot volume? Here I have attached the clover...
  3. ayz9314

    Help on sleep mode not working on Big Sur or a sudden restart

    Hello everyone! MacOS Catalina was working fine on my laptop but after updating to Big Sur, the sleep mode doesn't work. It never goes to sleep and when i try to put it to sleep mode it suddenly restarts the mac os. Here I have attached the necessary files. And also why the latest clover does...
  4. impingpin

    Issues with RX570/ MSI H310M PRO-VL (OpenCore)

    Hello Everybody, I have a problem getting my confiuration to work. Every time I try booting into the installer, it gets stuck at. Can someone help me?

    Which version of MAC support for my laptop MSI GL63 8RC

    Hello Sir, Have A Nice Day! I have an MSI Laptop whose model no is MSI GL63 8RC ------------------------------------------------------- | System Information | ------------------------------------------------------- Product Name : MSI GL63 8RC. Brand...
  6. ayz9314

    [Help] Alps trackpad not working with the latest voodoops2controller kext but keyboard is working well

    Hello everyone! I have successfully installed mac os x catalina on my hp envy n haswell laptop but there are still some problems. With the use of the latest voodoops2controller kext my keyboard works very well including the brightness keys but the alps touchpad doesn't work. So i found a...
  7. debab2013

    FCP X and Compressor error: H.264 export

    I have Hackintosh with High Sierra. My machine config : I5 6600K, 16 GB RAM, SSD, GAZ 170M D3H Motherboard and Radeon 580RX 8GB. I realize that GPU is not working when I do anything . like exporting time GPU uses rare. H.264 is not getting export from FCP X 10.4.6 and Compressor4.4.4 . I...
  8. damiandrake123

    Mac OS X El Capitan on Dell Optiplex 780

    Hi everyone, I write to the forum to find out if it is possible (and if so what drivers, procedures and links should I use) to install Mac OS X El Capitan on my Dell Optiplex 780 (with all the devices working). The components of the computer are: Motherboard: Dell brand (I do not...
  9. RizkiAA

    Fixing a Hackintosh stuck on "Attempting system restart...MACH Reboot

    Hi Guys.......:geek: This is my first Hackintosh build on a Laptop, Here are my spec : Laptop Model : ASUS K46CM - 2.7 - Clover UEFI CPU/Processor : Intel Core i7 3517U (Ivy Bridge) Graphics 1 : Intel HD Graphics 4000 Graphics 2 : NVIDIA GeForce GT635M 2GB DDR3 Memory : 8 GB DDR3 Dual...
  10. Mahmoud259

    Laptop Lenovo z50-70 Compatibility

    Hi All, I have laptop Lenovo z50-70 with the following specifications: -main board brand (Lenovo) -CPU Intel Core i7 - 4510U - 2.0 GHZ -64x - 8 G Ram DDR3 - Graphics card (intel and Nvidia 840M) Is this will be comparable with mac os
  11. AndKapiris

    Screen flashes Apple logo then reboots Mavericks

    Hello, I made a mavericks unibeast flash drive but when i insert into my pc and boot from it the apple logo just flashes and then reboots. I am aware of the post here: however it...
  12. James1980

    Error when updating to El Capitan from Yosemite

    Looking for some help with this error please. I get the appleusbuhcipci error when trying to boot into update from yosemite to el capital using clover guide I get the message after step 6. "When Clover...
  13. ayz9314

    Bcm94352hmb Bluetooth not working

    Hi Hope you all fine and doing well. I have purchased Bcm94352hmb wifi+bluetooth combo card and installed it on sierra and when i installed the kexts, for first time it was working but later on it didnt work i mean i installed many kexts and i followed given instructions in this site but still...
  14. Machinez

    [success]high sierra on asus h97m-e gtx 1050ti

    Hey so this is my first post here. I appreciate the support so i'd like to tell my success about High Sierra. My hardware: Asus h97m-e Intel Core i7 4790K 2x 8gb 1600MHz ddr3 Evga GTX 660 (before) and switched to Evga GTX 1050 Ti SC Sandisk SSD 250gb THX Tactic 3D Alpha USB Audio LG Ultra HD 4K...
  15. ayz9314

    Mac Sierra sudden shutdown while booting on apple logo

    Hi Hope you all fine and doing well. I have successfully installed the Mac Sierra and it was working awesome but suddenly one day the mac partition files got missing so i repaired it and the files came back but now while booting, on apple logo it suddenly gets turned off. Here is the picture in...
  16. justproxydo

    ALC887 Low Audio

    Hello. So I have an MSI h110m pro-d motherboard with ALC887 audio codec. I installed applehda.kext and made audio inject 1. Sound works on every port but the volume is very low. Max volume sounds like its very low. Any help? Thanks
  17. debab2013

    Can I use 4K monitor ?

    I have made a Hackintosh, Config below Intel I5 6600K Gigabyte mother board Gigabyte Nvidia 960 4 GB DDR5 16 GB Ram 3 TB HD Can I use a 4 K monitor ? Presently I am using a LED Tv , When I am checking Display settings from Setting , its showing resolution upto 1080p, So I have a doubt that Can...
  18. richarbb1

    I can not install mac os

    Hello colleagues, the thing is that I can not install mac os sierra I have tried everything from the Fakecpuid configuration (because my processor is a 7700k intel) Also many boot args in clover also edit the .config file of clover Always give me the error of mac os x no suporting this...
  19. Angelo998

    No Graphic card detected Asus GTX 1070, Audio extremely weak but working, please help a noob

    hi guys, I am a bit in trouble in these days... i have to work with Logic Pro in order to attend a music school this summer so I tried installing macOS Sierra on my pc... it worked well, just had two or three ez problems, but I solved 'em using unibeast then I used multibeast as usual I have...
  20. spencerw

    Upgrading from Mavericks to Sierra with Chimera?

    Hello, I currently have a dual boot setup with Mavericks and Windows 10 using Chimera v3.0.1. Is it possible for me to upgrade to Sierra, or do I need to start over with Clover? Thanks!