titan z

  1. ClassicMartini

    Octane/Cuda rig- preferred HackT architecture for multiple gpu. 3 or 4 Titan Z's on one

    Greetings from Sydney Australia., Hope I'm posting in the correct area. Is there a preferred architecture for multiple gpu's? We're looking to build an "Octane" rig. Have budget for four Titan Z's. And, would like to use o'clocked 8 core cpu, which leads to question - can Hackintosh "take"...
  2. neverguessme

    Asus x99-A, 5960x, Titan Z Help Installing Yosemite

    ​Hello everyone this is my first post and my first time trying to create a Hackintosh. My build: Motherboard: Asus x99-A Processor: Intel 5960x (8 core 20mb) Graphics Card: MSI GTX 760 2GB and GTX Titan Z Memory: Crucial 64GB DDR4 2133mhz The problem I am having is that I cannot get passed...