1. YossarianKen44

    Pre Building questions

    I have been a long time mac user and I'm still running my early 2009 MacPro on El Capitan. I have been holding out for a suitable scale-able replacement from Apple but I am just tired now and think I'm going hackintosh route. The costs have gotten out of hand in my opinion too. I have always...
  2. BigOncleSam

    Restore TimeMachine Backup on High Sierra from Mojave

    Hi, The title speaks for itself. And more generally, the question is : how to restore higher OS X backup version. Just after my downgrade following this thread, I wanted to restore TimeMachine backup during the installation process but it poped a windows saying "You must install Mojave to...
  3. CuriousMac

    Time Machine

    Hello all, This randomly popped up into my head, thought I'd get some input on this subject. I currently have a few Time Machine drives which I use incase a backup is needed etc. Lets say the macOS is linked to x[@]icloud.com. Say I decide to reinstall my Hackintosh, this time I also create a...
  4. lxhxxnxxx

    Time Machine usage on a Hackintosh

    Hi all, Just finished by first hackintosh build recently, so very new and scared lol. I've always been using Time Machine to backup once a week. Never really had to use the backup as final resource, but of course having something as a safe door is nice. So can I use Time Machine on a...
  5. gemis

    [Solved] Black Screen after try recovery with Time Machine

    Hello guys. I have a problem. Yesterday try to update mi Sierra to HighSierra with directly update. Then my partition is disappear. After that, try to recovery my backup sierra with the Time Machine, and enter with the partition Recovery (without usb, the partition with the OS disappear, but the...
  6. ilovmacX

    Help With Time Machine

    Hi guys i bought a SSD some day ago ... Now i am thinking about use my HDD as my Time Machine drive . I know that i can use my HDD as a Time Machine and also storage drive . But i want to know that if anyway my main SSD become unusable/ or i may broke the macOS . Can i completely get back...
  7. liamhornby67

    TimeMachine Error: Error occurred creating backup folder

    Hi Guys I have recently been getting this error with my two External HardDrives that are connected for my time machine backups. Error occurred creating backup folder The two externals were originally connected via a USB hub which i thought could be the problem so i connected it directly to...
  8. mrchow19910319

    Duo Boot Hackintosh Build questions. Please Help!

    Hello Guys, this is my upcoming build. I am going to customize a duo-boot Hackintosh. 2 SSD for the operating systems. HDDs for the data as well as TimeMachine. At listed I have two questions I wanna ask. Any suggestions will help. Thanks! Components: • SSD1 120G OS X System • SSD2 120G...
  9. xtralives

    how best to use a hackintosh timemachine backup to restore a "real" macpro?

    I have a timemachine backup of my current hackintosh that I'd like to move to a macpro laptop recently purchased for my wife (shes an interior designer for anyone what cares) and I've had trouble moving the data over. It seems that some of the "old" drivers are causing an issue where the...
  10. nivv

    No option to restore system [Yosemite]

    Problem is that when I start the installer from my USB-drive the option "Restore from a Time Machine Backup" is not present. I want to be sure that this feature works before I start to fiddle more with my install. I currently have a TimeMachine backup both on my server and on a USB-HDD which is...
  11. Macnus

    make a fusiondrive and update

    Hey pep i'm currently running a 10.9.1 Hackintosh - i have 2 HDD, 1 smaller SSD and 1 with a lot of capacity.. i would like to update for Yosemite and when i'm at it also combine my 2 hard drives for a fusion drive.. But i can't really guess how to move the best way.. i was wondering to...
  12. wavesequence

    Restoring with TimeMachine SL from an external HD

    I need some advices on how to solve this little enigma. Assuming I have a H55M-UD2H F11, i7 870, HD5770 running Snow Leopard on a single WD 1TB HD. On an external 1TB HD I do frequent backups with TimeMachine. What can I do to restore my SL install if I can't boot my computer from the internal...
  13. Slayerizer

    SDD/HDD and time machine restore?

    I currently have an iMac with 500gb of storage which is backed-up via timemachine on an external storage. It's very easy to use when you don't change anything. What about the case where I would want to install a hackintosh with a SSD for the OS. If I restore from the time machine, it will...
  14. brettbulthuis

    Timemachine Question

    Noob Question: my hack is up and running on 10.8.2 but now I want to get back to work. So if restore from my timemachine backup from my iMac (10.8.2) will that disrupt the hacks? Will I need to re do multibeast etc: Just hoping its ok to push the button.