time machine

  1. Gutz_Otoole

    Time Machine Restoration Stuck

    This thread refers to an older hack that ran just fine until I used Onyx. Though Onyx has been a reliable tool in the past, this time for some reason it left my machine unable to complete the boot sequence for macOS 10.13.6. The EFI bootloader appears intact and it allowed me to boot into...
  2. PliSsK

    Known Hackintosh issues with Time Machine?

    I am having a problem with my WD MyPassport drives when running Time Machine, they start off at a reasonable pace then slow right down to a crawl, total back up size is 1.1TB and my drives are 4 and 5TB respectively, and the back ups slow down to almost stationary after about 800 to 900GB. I am...
  3. fotograh

    Updating from Yosemite to High Sierra-best approach?

    Hello everyone, i would appreciate a good advice on how to update my Hackintosh from current OSX (Yosemite 10.10.5) to the latest OSX possible. Since i have nVidia graphics card, i assume that Mojave would not be a good idea because of these issues with Apple not signing off on nVidia Mojave...
  4. xWaVeXeVaWx

    Sierra - "Mounting EFI Failed" - Attempted After Time Machine Recovery

    Background: Attempted High Sierra multiple times, failed all those times, and am reverting back to my Time Machine backup. Installed Sierra and then recovered from Time Machine via Recovery Mode. Have a version 6 motherboard so I use Legacy Mode. macOS 10.12.6 Multibeast 9.0.1 and 9.2.1...
  5. sadida17

    [Solved] External drives no longer showing up?

    Hi guys, so I've recently upgraded to 10.13.4. I'm not sure if this problem occurs due to the recent update but it might be. Whenever I plug my external drive into my Hackintosh (via USB 3.0, the only possible connection), it does not mount. It does not show up in disk utility and it doesn't...
  6. whitecold

    Migration Assistant to custom location

    Hi, I have an issue with my new build. I successfully managed to install Sierra to my SSD in my hackintosh. However my trouble is my backup is from a single disk, and my user folder can't fit on the SSD, I thus want to restore it to my HDD, but I can't find any option in migration assistant to...
  7. tykb10


    So I had and old Macbook that needed a new battery and so my wife tried to replace it while I was out of town and something else happened to go wrong with it at the same time and so after the new battery was put in, it would not power on. To top that of my external backup drive failed also. Any...
  8. samygee

    [Solved] Cpu panic after time machine migration

    I hope this is the right forum for my question - I didn't find anything about this specific problem in the board search... I just installed a clean macos Sierra on my system. I applied all the necessary drivers, settings and clover using the newest version of multibeast. The result was a nice...
  9. branchini

    Fresh install recover from time machine

    Greetings, I couldn't quite find an answer to this specific type of time machine restore. I am about to build my first hackintosh for work. Currently I work on a macbook pro running sierra. My question is; is it possible to set up a fresh hackintosh from a time machine back up? I'd like to...
  10. Solvoid

    OS X ML 10.8.2, How to switch from Chimera to Clover? Fresh install instead of upgrading?

    Hey, I am researching different ways to upgrade from ML 10.8.2 to El Capitan or Sierra. I think I am going to need to figure out a way to switch from Chimera to Clover. It is my understanding that, with Clover, you can upgrade right from the App Store like a normal Mac. Is this true of...
  11. Solvoid

    Backing up questions ("dd" command, SuperDuper, Time Machine). Preparing to upgrade OS.

    I am getting ready to upgrade my OS from Mountain Lion 10.8.2 to either El Capitan or Sierra. I unplugged my 128GB SSD boot drive and plugged it into my dad's CentOS 6 machine (which BTW couldn't read or mount the hfs+ Mac OS Extended(Journaled) file-system). On that we used the dd command "dd...
  12. bkendig

    [Solved] P7P55D-E Pro / Sierra loses Ethernet occasionally, stops TM backups

    This is a strange problem and probably a longshot to find anyone else hitting it, but I could use some ideas if anyone has any. I have an Asus P7P55D-E Pro mobo (with an 8112L networking controller) that was running 10.9 Mavericks for the past few years, no problems. A week ago I upgraded it to...
  13. MarkLalor

    Switching Mac and Windows Physical Drives

    Hi there! I have two operating system drives installed in my system: a 500 GB 850 evo that I had initially installed Windows 10 on, and a 250 GB 850 evo that I have got macOS Sierra up and running on. I am sort of realizing now... that I wish I installed Mac on the 500 GB drive and Windows on...
  14. mrchow19910319

    DIY server/NAS for apple time machine.

    Does any one knows how to DIY a server/NAS that is compatible with apple's time machine?? I am using my macbook for studying as well as work. I am currently hooking a 2.5 inch HDD to my laptop so that I can have a time machine back up. But sometime it gets annoying. You didn't plug it firmly...
  15. sp00m

    [SOLVED] Panic cpu caller error - Set up from Time Machine

    Build: gigabyte z170 ud5 th evga gtx 970 Samsung 950 m.2 mvme i7 6700k vengeance lxp ram (2x16gb) Issue: I had an old mac mini that I backed up using time machine before I sold it. Now that I have my hackintosh built I was trying restore from the backup. All seemed to work well. I installed...
  16. tonnikala

    How to boot into macOS Recovery with clover?

    I have been using Time Machine and now for several reasons I would like to boot into macOS Recovery to restore from Time Machine backup. I found that when using real mac it can be done by pressing Command (⌘)-R before the apple logo appears. In my case that is not possible because of clover...
  17. Ledde

    Successful Sierra install -- How to backup / restore?

    Hi there, New to this forum and Hackintosh building. I have a general question. I'm sure it's been addressed on forums and guides out there, but I'm having a hard time finding it stated clearly. I just finished tweaking my Sierra 10.12.1 install. It's now stable and at a point where I am...
  18. SuperheroRobot

    Time Machine

    Hi, Are there any known issues with using Time Machine and a Hackintosh? thanks.
  19. sshanky

    Sierra install worked great UNTIL time machine restore. Now stops at "System uptime in nanoseconds:"

    I was so excited that I finally got this to work. Before I went to bed I started a time machine restore, entire user, and woke up to a frozen progress bar. Restarting with -v revealed it hangs at "System uptime in nanoseconds: 949132400". Do I have to start over?
  20. eadavies

    Latest Yosemite Security Update 10.10.5 breaks NVIDIA Web Drivers for GTX 950

    This morning I updated my hackintosh to the latest Yosemite Version (usually when I do this the only negative aspect is having to reinstall audio drivers with multibeast), On this occasion the web drivers I was using which are 346.02.03f08 for build 14F1909 have now become unsupported. My build...