time machine restore

  1. Lomba

    Can I create a copy of all my data of MacBookPro with Time Machine and install it on the hackintosh Dell Latitude E7470 i5?

    Hello everyone, thanks for helping those who need a guide. I just bought a Dell Latitude E7470 i5 and also a 2TB WD Blue SSD. I have read that the E7470 is fully compatible with hackintosh and that everything works... I hope so. I also have a 2010 MacBook pro. The screen doesn't work, I...
  2. Gutz_Otoole

    Time Machine Restoration Stuck

    This thread refers to an older hack that ran just fine until I used Onyx. Though Onyx has been a reliable tool in the past, this time for some reason it left my machine unable to complete the boot sequence for macOS 10.13.6. The EFI bootloader appears intact and it allowed me to boot into...
  3. Nehedar

    Preboot and Recovery Partitions hidden

    I had to do Time Machine restoration, and discovered that those partitions —Preboot and Recovery— do not show, thinking the the latest clover version may fix this I updated to the latest version of Clover with Emulated NVRAM, downloaded from this site (v2.4k_r4961) Those partitions are NOT...
  4. bufferOverflow

    [Solved] Why doesn't recovery boot option work in Sierra?

    Recently, I installed High Sierra but unfortunately I had to downgrade back to Sierra due to numerous performance issues. But one thing I liked is the Clover version in High Sierra. It has a working recovery option into which I can boot and restore my Mac partition from the TimeMachine backup...
  5. MagistraNocte

    A few questions about my first build

    questions about my first build Hi, I'm new to hackintosh and this is my first build. first of all sorry for any possible mistake as english is not my native language. Here we go, I have a few questions about my possible build: Is this a good setup for gaming? is it a good setup for...