time machine restore

  1. avtor

    Can't connect to a current Time Machine backup disk

    I have just moved my High Sierra installation to a new hardware from my failed Z77x-up5th. Everything works fine without any issues. However I'm getting "Can't connect to a current Time Machine backup disk" while entering Time Machine. I have to note that it seems I do have a full access to my 2...
  2. bufferOverflow

    [Solved] Why doesn't recovery boot option work in Sierra?

    Recently, I installed High Sierra but unfortunately I had to downgrade back to Sierra due to numerous performance issues. But one thing I liked is the Clover version in High Sierra. It has a working recovery option into which I can boot and restore my Mac partition from the TimeMachine backup...
  3. MagistraNocte

    A few questions about my first build

    questions about my first build Hi, I'm new to hackintosh and this is my first build. first of all sorry for any possible mistake as english is not my native language. Here we go, I have a few questions about my possible build: Is this a good setup for gaming? is it a good setup for...