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  1. AhmedNageebAHMED

    [Question] Time Machine backup from real mac to hackintosh??

    hi im sorry if i post this question in the wrong form but i had mbp 2014 model with macos sierra on it and i did full time machine backup before i sold it and now i have acer aspire vx 15 and i'm preparing to install sierra hackintosh on it with windows 10 dual boot MY Question Can i restore...
  2. bufferOverflow

    [Solved] Why doesn't recovery boot option work in Sierra?

    Recently, I installed High Sierra but unfortunately I had to downgrade back to Sierra due to numerous performance issues. But one thing I liked is the Clover version in High Sierra. It has a working recovery option into which I can boot and restore my Mac partition from the TimeMachine backup...
  3. liamhornby67

    TimeMachine Error: Error occurred creating backup folder

    Hi Guys I have recently been getting this error with my two External HardDrives that are connected for my time machine backups. Error occurred creating backup folder The two externals were originally connected via a USB hub which i thought could be the problem so i connected it directly to...
  4. Zak

    recovering form a time machine backup into Hackintosh

    Dear all, I had a Macbook pro, untill last week when somebody stole it from me in the campus... lucky for me I had a external hard drive back up at home, now with the black friday coming up I will build a hackintosh as i can't afford another macbook pro right now (they even increased the...
  5. rmantech

    Time machine on Hackintosh

    Couldn't really find a place to post this so just guessing this is the right place... sorry! :) Just wondering if time machine works on the hackintosh as it is something I really need? Thanks