ti chipset

  1. ashwingopinath

    Change in Clock frequency of graphic cards

    Will the change in clock frequency of the graphic cards of the same model effect the hackintosh???
  2. RyanKluff

    System definitions for GeForce GTX 1050 ti

    Hey guys, So I installed this graphics card (from gigabyte) and everytime I go to load MacOS I get the circle with a cross. If I remove th graphics card, MacOS loads fine. My current system definitions are iMac 14,2 any suggestions to what I could change it to or possibly what might be...
  3. flewid

    Asus Geforce 1050 Ti Random Reboots Problem

    Hoping someone here can help me out. My system has been stable for months now, so I decided to mess it all up and upgrade my video card. I went out and purchased an ASUS Nvidia GF GTX 1050 Ti and installed it. Got all the drivers installed (turned off system protection, installed drivers...
  4. rukk585

    couple questions regarding gigabyte thunderbolt mobo and corsair case

    was planning on getting the z77 TB mobo, this has a firewire port (internal header). first is this a TI chipset sorry if this is a dumb question, this is my first time building a computer. i will be using this with a saffire pro 24 which recommends TI for firewire. or will i have to get a...