1. LeleTuratti

    [In progress] SSDT for Thunderbolt 3 Hotplug

    Overview The Thunderbolt hotplug is a problem that has existed for many years, and until now the only way to have working TB devices is to connect them and turn them on before boot. Finally after a long time some progress has been made. This is not a guide! But a starting point for further...
  2. LeleTuratti

    Thunderbolt 3 HOTSWAP work (Finally?)

    Ok, here we are! After a long search I found something interesting and... a possible way to have Thunderbolt hotswap working! I start this thread with the hope that finally we can create a definitive guide (or almost) to enable the thunderbolt hot swap. If it works, it would be a turning point...
  3. neptunes007

    X99 Deluxe II and ThunderboltEX 3 Card

    Hey Guys, I'm having an issue with the ThunderboltEX 3 card working with Sierra. I have already installed the drivers in Win. 10 and can view that it is working. The issue comes into play when I enable Thunderbolt in the BIOS. When Thunderbolt is enabled I use the following settings: the...
  4. ArmandSM

    How can I add Thunderbolt 3 to my Hackintosh?

    Okay, so I've decided to make my first Hackintosh PC recently, and I've been looking at all the components and read many forums to learn many things. I've decided I'm going for an Overclockable i5 6600k, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, etc. Now I'm just taking care of the details before ending up buying it...
  5. stealmy

    ThunderboltEX 3 - X99

    Is there any build of X99 Board with enabled thunderbolt 3 ? like the ThunderboltEX 3 ASUS Card::
  6. aswiec

    ASUS ThunderboltEX II Expansion Card

    I was wondering if anyone has tried this out or heard anything about this? If you have, does it work on a Gigabyte motherboard? ASUS ThunderboltEX II Expansion Card