1. Errrneist

    Coffeelake Laptop Thunderbolt 3 Support

    Hi all, I have a Thinkpad X1 Extreme whichI configured it pretty well and it is up and working. Configuration: It seems like not many people talked about the Thunderbolt 3 compatibility for these laptops, but I wonder if this is...
  2. AlBeast

    Dell Precision 7710 i7-7920HQ HD630; need help with DSDT/sleep, trackpad, last USB3 port

    Dear everyone, I'm currently succesfully running a brand new Dell 7710 with Kaby Lake 7920HQ, HD630 only. Using @RehabMan his repository for laptops it was quite the breeze, and a lot is working well (even TB3) except for the trackpad and I'm having trouble with the DSDT. I still need to...
  3. nz5pro

    Any Thunderbolt3 expansion card tested on Asrock mobo?

    Hi there, I have a X99 Extreme6 /3.1 with Thunderbolt ready feature and seeking for a TB3 expansion card to link with the coming LG 5k display. Would like to know if there is anybody bought TB3 card and tested on the Asrock mobo? Thanks.
  4. jonesints

    Motherboard with Thunderbolt 3 vs Thunderbolt expansion

    I'm looking at building my first CustoMac and want to future-proof it from the motherboard onward. Under recommended mobos in the buyers guide, none seem to have Thunderbolt 3 but I have seen this one available in the UK: 1) How could I...