thunderbolt add in card

  1. denneythedev

    Thunderbolt Help - OpenCore Asus Z590M-Plus with i9 10850k and ThunderboltEX 4 AIC

    Everything on this build works the way I need it to except that my system will not boot when thunderbolt is enabled in bios. The controller still acts as a USB 3.2 interface, so when thunderbolt is off the ports are still available (and by some miracle deliver signals to both my LG 5k and LG 4k...
  2. NorthAmTransAm

    Thunderbolt on 5,1 *Working*

    I found an article today about adding a TB card to a Mac 5,1 and dual booting windows to get the card on then warm booting into OS and voila TB works. Im not sure if it shows up in System Profiler as thunderbolt active or if it shows up like our hackintoshes (UAD audio device). Performance is...
  3. luckyal

    Installing GC-Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3 card in Asus Maximus Hero 9

    I’m hoping to get some help from the many experts on this forum to see if I can get this Thunderbolt 3 card to work. My build is based on this Golden build by @JCMunson with a lot of follow up help from @P1LGRIM @pastrychef @RehabMan and @Stork who was instrumental in helping me with the RX580...
  4. letsbuildahackintosh

    Older Asus Thunderbolt AiC supported in most recent MoBo?

    Is anybody here who has tested whether a ThunderboltEX II Card is supported by current Asus motherboards with latest firmware? The most logical combo would be using a EX 3 AiC, tho. I have an Asus Prime z370-a motherboard with no AiC to it, yet. I am about to pick one soon. I am asking bc I own...
  5. dresoulchildx

    GA-Z370 Thunderbolt not working with Apollo Interface

    I'm running High Sierra 10.13.6 and I have a universal audio Apollo Twin. I'm not seeing anything clear on how to get the GC Alpine Ridge add in card to recognize the Apollo. Is anybody else having similar issues? Would it be better to get a Firewire add in card and run Thunderbolt 2 to Firewire...
  6. NorthAmTransAm

    Asus ex3 UAD Apollo Twin stopped working

    Hi friends, Im fairly new here but I've got my build up and running with pretty much no head ache. I was told these machines could be unstable but I've found it far from that as far as OS. It boots fast and runs like a beast. Asus z370a Prime ADATA 8gb 2900 DDR4 (yeah I know, I need 16) On...
  7. muralim

    ASRock TB3 AIC - Not Booting - Error Loading Kernel Cache (0x9)

    Hi All Long time reader, first time poster. Great work being done here.. I've built an (almost) working Coffee Lake Hackintosh based around the ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 Professional Gaming i7 and a Sapphire RX580 Nitro+ running High Sierra 10.13.5 Everything was working perfect. USB ports (with...
  8. kingbroos

    Asus Z170-E with Asus Thunderbolt ex3

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of creating a first time hackintosh build for OSX High Sierra using: Asus Z170-E Asus Thunderbolt ex3 PCI-e card Seagate 10 TB Data HDD Samsung EVO 500 GB sata SSD Intel Core i7-7700 3600 1151 Zotac GTX1070 Amp3 Extreme 32 GB DDR4 Ram First I updated my BIOS...
  9. julio764020

    Where can I connect ThunderboltEX 3 Header Cable on Gigabyte Z370 Gaming 7

    Hi! I've been trying to make the Thunderbolt work for a while. I tried already 3 different motherboards but I read that this will work. Just want to make sure that, if I connected to the USB 2.0, it will work. I'd appreciate a lot your help thanks.
  10. julio764020

    Thunderbolt 3, Coffee Lake 8700K, Apollo Interfaces

    hi there is a way to make it work? i just purchased the thunderboltEX 3 extension Pcie card but for some reason is not recognized for the computer . i installes high sierra .
  11. pinoli

    Problems with Asus Z370-A Prime + i7-8700k + Intel UHD630 + ThunderboltEX 3

    Hello everybody, after uncountable hours I have succesfully configured and booted macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 on the machine reported in my profile (and thread title). I started from this post and went down through the rabbit hole. I used a Vanilla install (with Clover r4458) with minimal amount...
  12. LightfaceMedia

    Can you hav multiple ASUS Thunderbolt EX3 cards on x99 deluxe?

    Description pretty much says it. I currently have one TB EX3 working on my High Sierra 10.13.4 Hackintosh with an Asus x99 Deluxe Mobo. I need more than 1 TB3 port though. I wil go with a hub (if i can find one) if I need to but I am wondering if I can just buy a second (or third) Asus EX3...
  13. purpleronnie

    Success: GC Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3 AIC (rev 2.0), High Sierra

    After 5 days of tearing my hair out and reading many posts on this topic, I've found a solution that works on my system. So, as you may probably already know, you must first activate your AIC in Windows. These steps are well documented, so I won't cover that here. The next crucial step is...
  14. HackintoshwithTB

    Any chance to get a Z370 based motherboard with built-in thunderbolt in the near future ?

    Hi, So I'm trying to find a motherboard with built-in thunderbolt to build a CustoMac Pro. It needs to be ATX format since I already own a modified G5 case with ATX tray that I'll use for this build. trs96 told me about the GA-Z270X Gaming 8, but it's a $400 mobo (at least in my country) and...
  15. chopperferrari

    Buying advice on new Hackintosh build

    Hi Guys, I'm building a new hackintosh and was hoping for input/advice/knowledge about my hardware choices. I'm specifically interested in how much patching the motherboard needs? if the graphics card will work natively? if anyone has had a thunderbolt sound card (mine is a Universal Audio...
  16. ariein

    GA-z270MX Gaming 5 and GC-Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3

    Hi there I've successfully built my first hackintosh running Sierra 10.12.5. I've added an GC-Alpine Ridge Thunderbolt 3 add-on card in pic slot 4 and can't get OS X to recognize it. Through windows 10 I've updated the FW on that card and have the latest bios (F4) for the MB. After browsing...
  17. GazzaGreen

    Thunderbolt3 on Z170X

    Ok its the age old problem of getting thunderbolt to work on a Hackintosh. I will get into this in a bigger way in a couple of weeks to see if i can crack it. ATM I am looking at this adapter (link below) to connect a couple of thunderbolt raid drives to the computer, but I am open to the...
  18. schmelzerb

    Gigabyte X99 Thunderbolt 2 Add In Card

    Hey all, I have a question for you. I'm running an X99-UD4 with a 5930K and a GTX970, and I'm looking to purchase the Thunderbolt add in card that Gigabyte makes and I'm wanting to know if it's worth the $50 or so to buy it. I'm looking into purchasing some Pro Audio gear and it requires...