1. EdwardGeo

    [Pre Final] Zbook G3 / G4 Thunderbolt hotplug (Thunderbolt Enable) + S0, S3

    Hi everyone! The latest build is on the link: Github repositories As it easier to synchronize with desktop and modifications The entire thread is for research posts and discussion Follow the manual to make all things working correct. Please report of any glitches or problems of build...
  2. MadMac1969

    Several issues with my main rig. (WS Z390 PRO + Thunderbolt + Radeon RX480)

    Hi guys, I'm at my wit's end. I really need a hand here. I found only one clover setup for my motherboard, and works absolutely flawlessly for Mojave. Catalina WILL NOT INSTALL for some reason, but let's get to that later. Today I added an Asus Thunderbolt EX3 card, and that won't even let...
  3. boes

    Mojave, Audio and USB 3.1 HDMI adapter, Z370 Gaming WIFI

    I installed Mojave very well by following this guide. This guide is about a motherboard similar to mine but not mine so I have some problems. 1. The audio does not work, the internal sound of the motherboard does not detect me. FIXED 2. The USB 3.1 Type-C port connected to a monitor with a...
  4. Sicomany

    Working Build with Thunderbolt-Display

    Hi, i wanted to share my experience with my Hackingtosh build regarding the Thunderbolt-Display. First of all yes it works. Not just the display but also FaceTime Camera, speakers and USB + Thunderbolt hub. It took quite some time to get everything work most important these are the Parts that I...
  5. theboasnake

    [SOLVED] ASRock Thunderbolt 3 AIC only working after restart from BIOS

    Hi everyone, I'm currently building a hackintosh with the Asus Prime Z370 A and ASRock's Thunderbolt 3 AIC. BIOS version 1002 OSX Sierra 10.13.5 Clover version 4458 (Latest version gets stuck at the plus signs every time) The card works perfectly on Windows, on Mac it behaves very weirdly...
  6. IamI1

    [SUCCESS] i7-7700K - Asus Z270-A PRIME - Asus ThunderboltEX 3

    IamI1's Simple Build: Asus Z270-A Prime - i7 7700K - Asus ThunderboltEX 3 Components Intel Core i7 7700K Processor Asus Z270-A Prime Motherboard...
  7. Galileo6373637

    Thunderbolt 3 on ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 itx

    Hello, I have a fresh Installation of High Sierra 10.13.1 on my ASRock Fatal1ty Z370 itx with Coffee Lake Core i7 8700K. Sound, LAN, iMessage, FaceTime, AppStore, USB Ports, NVMe SSD are working fine. What I can't get working is my Thunderbolt Port. I have TB3>TB2 adapter and a Western Digital...
  8. krikor

    Gigabyte Z270M-D3P

    Hello, Anyone knows about this board? From reading the GC-Alpine-Ridge compatibility it seems to support thunderbolt and it is a m ATX. Also from reading the specs on the gigabyte website it says it does have a thunderbolt add in card connector. thanks K
  9. lozlab

    apollo twin TB on sierra clover ga-z77up5th

    Hi, I m new to clover and my apollo TB used to work on mavericks but now that i ve updated to sierra with clover the mac doesn't seem to load the uad audio drivers (the TB connection works though). something to do with clover maybe... any idea would be much appreciated..
  10. stealmy

    ThunderboltEX 3 - X99

    Is there any build of X99 Board with enabled thunderbolt 3 ? like the ThunderboltEX 3 ASUS Card::